Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Mortal Dangers of Christian Capitalism


No less dangerous than jewish dogmatic communism which makes the abstractions of consciousness supreme and which subjugates the strong to the weak, is Christian Capitalism. Christians worship consciousness as a god and make an enemy of flesh, ultimately of DNA.

Whites are especially vulnerable to the subversion of Christian Capitalism, in that the White ego delights in the mythology whereby consciousness nominates itself as the elect god. Consciousness thereby gains prominence over the body which creates it, the cunning and conniving devil declares himself supreme over god.

Once the consciousness declares itself a god, it begins its war on the body and on DNA. The gratification and self glorification of consciousness takes priority over all else. All measures which gratify selfish consciousness and destroy flesh are justified by the dogma of Christian Capitalism and the success of Christian Capitalism in destroying life becomes the justification for the further destruction of life and of DNA.

Christian Capitalism wages war on our genes, our flesh. It only holds as good that which pleases the selfish whims of the mind, a mind corrupted to worship itself as god and to hate the flesh which generates the mind. In this way, Christian Capitalism elevates the destruction of life as a devotional service to god, god being consciousness. Abstraction and impression take absolute precedence over physical health and the procreation of healthy life forms and the protection of a healthy environment. The fact that consciousness exists to serve and perpetuate DNA is absolutely denied and DNA is thought of as an evil presence, the seed and egg of original sin. It is only our more fundamental physical being which keeps alive to this point in spite of the horrors of Christian Capitalism, which wages endless war on our flesh and our DNA.

Christianity is multicultural judaism and it is killing us and has been for 2,000 years. Christianity demands that we hate our flesh and curse our DNA. Christianity compels us to obliterate the World and the heavens. It makes consciousness our mortal enemy instead of our salvation, all in the name of saving our souls, our consciousness which greedily seeks immortality by destroying the future of our blood lines. Christianity has created a war between our minds and our bodies and DNA which we cannot win, and Capitalism is one of its chief weapons against us because Christianity has taught consciousness to glorify itself by consuming nature in destructive ways to create abstract images in the mind of the self glorification and self gratification of consciousness in life destroying, not life affirming, ways.

Christianity is quintessentially jewish. It will be the death of humans together with judaism if we allow its mythology of consciousness as if god to guide our actions to preserve our flesh and our DNA, for it is at war with our bodies and our living environment.