Monday, March 11, 2013

The Unwelcome Rise of the Jews' Army of Demagogues


Jewish puppet Barack Obama is a quintessential demagogue, groomed by the jews from birth to pollute America with international egalitarianism. His entire career has been guided by immensely wealthy jewish oligarchs seeking to overthrow the American Constitutional Democracy. The jews followed the exact same pattern to place Obama in the US Senate that they would later repeat to place him in the White House. Financiers ran for office and then sabotaged their own campaigns. Obama ran on the empty slogan "Change!" and then appealed to non-Whites promising a demographic shift that would disenfranchise Whites and enable a race revolution of non-Whites to overthrow an America weakened by war and banker bailouts granted by Obama to his jewish masters.

The obscenely wealthy jewish oligarchs have completely corrupted our government with their puppet demagogues who flatter the masses and promise them whatever jewish advertising has led them to want against their true best interests. Without jewish money, seemingly none can compete, and therefore none even try, rendering the absolute power of the jewish oligarchy a fait accompli. The middle class is rapidly disappearing, and with it the stability of our social order. Nearly the entire government of jewish funded demagogues are granting the jews whatever they want and are subverting us with an immigrant revolution that faces only the token resistence needed to keep the demagogues in power and prevent the People from realizing that those whom they believe are speaking for them, are instead the paid guns of the jewish oligarchs.

Rand Paul is a dynastic demagogue having inherited the scepter of deceit from his psychopathic father, who always was and who remains a puppet of the jews who pay him and pull his political strings. Rand Paul is an extremely dangerous psychopath and a shameless utterly insincere demagogue, who will do and say anything his jewish masters tell him to in order to subvert our nation and put it at the unquestionable disposal of wealthy jews.

The "alternative media", like the mainstream media, is composed almost solely of paid demagogues working for the jewish oligarchs to generate a revolution that will disembowel our nation and shred our Constitution in the name of saving them. The Christian churches are largely led by jewish funded demagogues, many of these crypto-jews. The message is universal, hate and destroy what you are so that the wealthy obtain complete power. It is difficult to imagine a more classical and complete subversion by means of demagoguery than is taking place in America by means of jewish wealth polarizing and destroying our society.

This is an extremely dangerous situation, because patriotic Americans require money to compete with the hired demagogues of the jews. The jews control the media and so cheer on their paid demagogues while effectively silencing and vitriolically ridiculing genuinely patriotic Americans. Authentic patriots who turn to the wealthy class for support are asked to themselves become demagogues subverting the best interests of the masses in order to further empower the wealthy and destroy the power of the People. The People are easily seduced by these demagogues and are manipulated from every angle by the jewish controlled media, schools and religions to subvert and overthrow the society their ancestors built to give them life, liberty and security.

We must find a way to compete without whoring our principles to the wealthy for their support be they jews or not. We must also find a way to compete without whoring our principles to the masses who have been seduced by the jews' demagogues.

This leaves us a narrow path which I believe follows the way established by the Founding Fathers of our nation. The jews' well paid demagogues have lied to the American People relentlessly to misrepresent the nature and intent of our nation, but the history of our People makes obvious the beliefs and practices of forefathers. Therefore, if we seek the support of the wealthy and the masses, we must demonstrate that it is in their best interests to join with us. Here we have to be very wary of the subversives who will want to ally with us.

Hitler, for example, garnered the support of the wealthy oligarchs and the masses by promising war and delivering on that promise. Hitler's demagoguery supplanted Germanism with National Socialism and changed German culture into National Socialist culture. The ultimate result of this subversion was the literal physical destruction of Germany, the creation of Israel, and the spread of Bolshevism into the Eastern part of Germany, balkanizing and weakening Germany in ways which still have a negative impact on the nation and its people. The romantic and culturally rich old centers of the German cities are today largely lost or are recreations. Millions of the best Germans have been lost to war and German populations are on the decline. Such are the imminent danger and long term risks of jingoistic and personality driven demagoguery.

We must not become puppets of the rich or the masses, but remain leaders dedicated to the nation that secures our lives.