Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The US Department of Homeland Security Is Being Armed to Exterminate All Americans Following a Nuclear War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


Many believe that the Department of Homeland Security is gearing up to enforce a police state in America. I suspect the reality is even worse than that.

The jews are spending a great deal of money on weapons and systems that would be useful in exterminating every last American after a nuclear attack. It is important to note that after America is hit with nuclear bombs, all production will halt. The jews need to procure all of the weapons and mechanisms they hope to use against us, now, before annihilating us with nuclear bombs, because the factories will cease to produce these weapons after the attack.

The jews' goal is always complete genocide, down to the last man, woman and child, even to the destruction of the animals, agriculture and dwellings of whichever "Amalekites" the jews are out to destroy in each generation. Drones and other automated weapons and surveillance systems will be especially useful to the jews in regions hit by nuclear and biological weapons. They will enable the jews to completely end human life within a short span of time, which is the jews' goal. The jews are not content to send us back into the stone age.

No, their holy book the Old Testament compels them to completely exterminate all normal human beings. "All" meaning not one life left. The jews are mass producing the jewish angels of death which will enable them to render human beings extinct.