Thursday, March 07, 2013

There Is a Danger that the Jews Will Scapegoat the North Koreans with a False Flag Nuclear Attack on the USA, South Korea or Japan


No one loves the Koreans, not even the Koreans. As they always do, the jews have pitted the Koreans against themselves, splitting the nation and the people in two forces representing jewish totalitarian communism and jewish Christian capitalism.

The Chinese and Japanese are racist supremacists, who view the Koreans as if sub-humans, not so inferior as the gwai lo, or ghost man, as the Cantonese call us, but nevertheless barbarians fit only for slavery and death. The jews want Japan to collapse and China to rise. A North Korean attack, or the mere appearance of such an attack, on South Korea, Japan and/or the United States, would terribly hurt the USA and grant Chinese supremacists the hegemony they seek over their supposedly barbarian, subhuman neighbors.

It would be very easy at this stage for the Red Chinese, the Chinese another people and nation the jews have pitted against itself with jewish totalitarian communism and jewish Christian capitalism in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. . . it would be very easy for the communist Chinese at the instigation of the jews, or for the Israelis themselves, to hit South Korea, Japan or the USA with a nuclear device, sending us into another major war and further degrading our economy and military, and blame the North Koreans for the attack. The jewish controlled American Government, the Israelis and the Red Chinese are working together to create this scenario, and together created North Korea and its nuclear program.

It would not even be unprecedented if the jewish subverted American Government bombed our own people to provide a pretext for another war and its necessary destruction of America. We must take control of our government and we must do so now. There is no more time left.