Sunday, March 03, 2013

Ways to Build Culture: White World and Museum Retailing


Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops provide fascinating and compelling examples of what I will call "Museum Retailing". They are outdoor sporting goods stores, but are also first rate family friendly museums with outstanding exhibits of animals and nature scenes, as well as large scale aquariums. If our economy were doing better, I suspect they would be flourishing.

America is well served by these Museum Retailers. I would like to see a lot more of this, branching out into all areas of our culture. For example, hollywood jews have subverted our industrial culture by stigmatizing our scientists and engineers, as well as our tech savvy savants, as if gangly jewish geeks. At the same time, the jews promoted the communist myth of the thuggish anti-intellectual violent working class hero as if the archetypical White male.

It would be wonderful if we had an electronics store built on the Museum Retailer model. Children could come in and build computers on kids Sundays. Exhibits would feature the development of technology and how it has produced labor saving devices. The restaurant would offer organic food and demonstrate how technology can support nature with high tech furniture, plates, etc. A model futuristic classroom would exhibit new methods of education using high tech electronics.

Another possibility would be a Museum Retailer organic grocery food store. There could be a kid friendly mini-farm with animals and plants. A pond where the kids could fish and buy their catch. A chicken coop where kids could gather eggs and buy them. Kids could earn tickets by working on the farm and buy healthy treats and toys. A carpenter's shop could offer tools to make new toys to buy and bring home. There could be a knitting niche and dress corner, etc.

This would be a good way to strengthen the economy while promoting culture and community. There could be coffer shops where people discuss politics and meet to organize. We could render retailing a community and educational affair.

In order to promote specifically White culture, we could open up White cultural centers and museums. All would be welcome, but the exhibits and activities would be White.