Sunday, March 03, 2013

We Need New Avenues for Positive Creative Expression


Entertainment media, Christianity, stress, internet and computers, and other modern environments for occupying the mind are not being used to promote the health and growth of our society. Consciousness is a very important aspect of our being, which is being abused so that it works against our survival.

In higher animals, consciousness is a dominant factor in mate acquisition and selection. In Indian Hindu culture, the parents, broader community and priests employing astrological mythology are at least as involved in mate selection as are the couple who will bear children. Large families are encouraged based upon a culture which makes dowries and children supported retirement imperatives for parents. The propagation of DNA is controlled by consciousness and community, and the Hindu religion sponsors it and renders it a process driven by intelligence, mythology and tradition, in addition to "physical attraction".

The American economy has become corrupted to serve selfish and destructive conscious desires, rather than the needs of the body and mind. The jews control and manufacture these conscious desires. The jews obstruct the healthy development of White consciousness in many ways which impede our progress and destroy our economic and physical health.

Our educational materials and museums have transitioned from emphasizing science and technology, and the genius of White inventors and entrepreneurs, to politically promoting multi-lingualism and multi-racial integration and miscegenation. Our wealthy class has been schooled with Ayn Rand's subversive jewish doctrines of psychopathic and destructive exploitation of the society which makes the wealthy class possible.

We need to develop a new class of economic leaders who have a social conscience, love our people and respect the fact that it is our nation and our people who make their success possible. Likewise, the society at large must respect these leaders who promote not only their individual interests, but also the best interests of society. Creating these types of conscious incentives is not difficult, because it is our human nature to do so. It is more difficult to train our people to become self destructive, selfish fiends, which is why the jews are so obsessed with dominating every aspect of our lives.

It would be helpful for the promotion of this new class of leaders if we could offer our children, especially in their formative years, better social experiences which encourage high culture and scientific and technological advancement. Days spent in school learning how to speak Spanish and play with non-Whites, and evenings spent on the football and baseball fields are not preparing our children to make America the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth. Pornography, violence, selfishness and anti-White hatred are not a sound basis for entertainment or education.

Our industrial capital is dormant, becoming obsolete and disappearing. This is an imminent danger to the survival of our nation. We are not manufacturing the materials and items we need as a nation, and those who do have the power to hurt us in very bad ways.

If we start now to teach our children, and to create and empower a new class of economic and cultural leaders to compete against the internationalist subversives who today dominate our society and our culture, we will generate the newest industrial capital and have that edge over our foreign competition. The predominance of our currency gives us a tremendous advantage which we have to take advantage while it lasts.

One of the most pernicious aspects of jewish libertarianism is its relentless attack on our currency. When the British sought to destroy the NSDAP, one of their tactics was to print bogus bills which were counterfeit copies of those which were used by the German Army as an internal fiat currency. These British copies had a vulgar message printed on the back declaring that the money was only good for Hitler's toilet paper. The jewish libertarians are likewise trying to undermine confidence in our currency in their bid to undermine America, all for the sake of making their hordes of gold more valuable. The jews made similar attacks on Greenbacks and only succeeded in ruining the Greenback's value by corrupting the gold markets and retiring the bills. This is one of the chief reasons we should shun the libertarian jews who under a cloak of pretended patriotism seek to destroy our nation.

I am awestruck by the resilience of the American People and the American economy to these centuries long jewish attacks on our people and our nation. This is why I have faith that we can not only recover once we end the jewish war against us and put in power leadership which serves American interests, but that we can vastly surpass all others by being just we were meant to be and are, White Americans.

We can surpass the Republicans and Democrats if we offer Americans new expositions featuring science and technology and an honest assessment of history. I suggest we sponsor fairs that tell the truth, and point out the lies, of the holocaust and 9/11. This will draw media attention, but will not be the primary purpose of our exhibitions. We will be more interested in featuring high art, music, organic foods, science, technology and history giving exposure to White cultural achievement and potential, and the true nature of our Republic and its establishment as White territory. We want to direct minds and inspire people.

The exhibits at these fairs could become permanent exhibitions at new museums. The jews have several museums promoting jewish myths of the holocaust. There needs to be an honest museum that examines the known facts of the jewish holocaust and its zionist basis, and which contains exhibits covering the jewish genocides of Armenians, Poles, Greeks, Russians, Chinese, Indians, etc.

Exhibits featuring science and technology and the truth of American history could form the basis of new museums promoting White culture and advancement, places where children and adults can learn about their heritage and ways to improve America. If the interest is not there to fund physical museums and fairs, we could create virtual museums and fairs on the internet. A good start would be the online Museum of American History spotlighting America as a White Nation of innovation and freedom. There could also be an online Museum of Holocaust Facts featuring all genocides and supposed genocides, and a virtual library. The more polished and mainstream the sites, the better.

Our political rise should be accompanied by a cultural rise, with the two carefully integrated to sponsor and support each other.