Saturday, March 02, 2013

White Nationalists Should Stop Deriding Americans and Americanism


In the writings and speeches I recall, Adolf Hitler was very careful to always praise the German and Germany even when criticizing government policies and the sad state of the German People in Weimar Germany. He never attacked Germanism or the German People, or for that matter the heroes of German history, the way that American National Socialists attack the American People, American History, the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and by way of omission the pre-history of the American Colonies and their formation.

The NSDAP rejected and outlawed the type of anti-nationalism being foisted upon us by some White Nationalists in the name of nationalism. There is little of merit found in National Socialism which was not first embraced by Americans and better expressed by our Founders and their foundational writings and speeches.

This in an important issue to address, because when White Nationalists attack Americanism in the name of nationalism, they are weakening our nation, the American spirit and our cohesiveness as a people, leaving us ripe for nihilism, chaos, subversion and destruction. This is a general tendency of Socialists, who have always sought to undermine society so as to weaken it in preparation for revolution and takeover, but it was not a policy of Adolf Hitler or the NSDAP. Quite the contrary, they always, to the best of my knowledge and belief, praised Germany, Germans and the significant figures of German history. When addressing the sorry state of Germans under jewish tyranny, the National Socialists excused Germans and sought to provide them with the resources they needed to fulfil their natural potential.

It is vital for us to strengthen our American spirit and to demonstrate that the jews are undermining the intent of the Founding Fathers, not fulfilling it. We have to create a positive attitude and spirit towards White Americans and teach them who they are, not try to turn them into National Socialist Germans, nor attempt to turn them against themselves or against America.

The NSDAP needed Christian support, but they knew that Christianity is obvious jewish BS that was highly destructive to Europe. The same is true of many of our Founding Fathers. The jews would not have been allowed into Germany if it were not for Christianity which destroyed much of ancient German tribal culture and which led the Germans to welcome in the jews as the Chosen People of the jewish Bible. Before there was communism, there was Christianity, and if the NSDAP were consistent in its laws banning jewish literature, it would have banned the jewish Bible and zionist literature, but it did not ban this jewish subversive literature, and only proscribed zionist literature after the zionists had failed to persuade jews to migrate to Palestine and stay there.

The National Socialists failed and failed miserably leaving Germany and Europe in ruins and jews in charge of the World, but they did promote many of the best ideas that our Founders embraced and much of what they advocated is consistent with an Americanism that can defeat the jews and free Whites. Their anti-Americanism is not good for us, because it becomes anti-nationalistic when embraced by Americans against themselves. Christianity is also not good for us because it is and always has been a culture consuming parasite on the necks of Whites, but we must tolerate and work with Christians, being ever wary of the fact that the most devout of Christians are often the most immoral and back biting scoundrels ever to darken the White race.

Many Christians falsely attribute all that is good about Whites to Christianity, ignoring all the harm Christianity has done to Whites. Christians ruined the glories of the ancient White world, and it was only by resurrecting the glory of the Greeks and Romans that Whites recovered some of what jewish Christianity stole from them for centuries, including liberty and freedom of speech. Western Civilization comes largely from the Romans and Greeks, not the jews or Christianity, which has always repressed the progress of Whites.