Thursday, March 14, 2013

White Supremacists Versus Wealth Supremacists


America is becoming something far worse than a mere plutocracy. Many of us have struggled for years with the fact that the rich are doing absolutely nothing to save America from the jews, but are instead helping the jews to their own detriment.

For years, I have watched David Duke and others wait in vain for a wealthy patron to step forward and fund them and their movements. I doubt they understand why it is that their hopes have gone unanswered and their dreams unfulfilled.

I have known many very wealthy individuals. I know a bit about how they think and act. They will not fund Duke or anyone else who promises to strengthen the middle class and uplift the impoverished. They do not care about race or the nation. They do not want the poor and the middle class to have any power. They are heartfelt wealth supremacists, who believe that because they have more wealth than most, those who do not have as much wealth are inferior in all respects, not simply poorer financially.

The wealthy want wealth and only wealth to rule. They do not want to share their wealth or their power and would rather see their fortunes lost to fate than put to use gaining any power or good for the masses less financially advantaged than are they. This is something more and far worse than greed. It is a sense of superiority and entitlement which renders the wealthy inhuman and evil to the core. They are not merely cowardly, they are sadistic.

Wealth supremacism favors the jews in many ways. First and foremost, the jews have most of the money so money as the source of power makes the jews powerful.

Money is a liquid medium of power and it is an international medium of power. Jews and the rich can buy whatever demagogues they require and can manipulate public opinion to favor their interests through deceptively misleading the masses to believe their paid demagogues are working for the national interests, when they are not. The leaders the jews appoint can raise up or wreck a nation at will.

Money as power is inherently international. Money flows to the highest returns and knows no borders. Under international wealth supremacism, the rich rule ubiquitously and feel no loyalty to any nation, race, religion or creed. They are only made more powerful by gaining more wealth at the expense of the masses. Herein lies the glue which binds capitalism and bolshevism. Both attack the middle class, thereby increasing the power of the wealthy few to the point where only they have power.

Our wealthy are not afraid of being called racists or anti-semites. They are cowards, but they are also something worse. They are wealth supremacists who will aggressively work against any rise of the American middle class. They are in bed with the jews not because they like them, but because they want to increase their power and they hate all those Americans who are not so wealthy as they. The American rich want to destroy and enslave us and we cannot depend upon them to help us save the nation. Instead, they, as a class, will do everything they can to keep power out of our hands and increase our misery.

They worked hand in glove with the jews to destroy our economy and increase their profits with foreign labor both outside and inside the United States. They fund candidates and create business enterprises they know will destroy the middle class.

The power of the wealth supremacists violates every law of nature. Selfish psychopathic fat old men rule over those who are mentally, morally and physically superior to them. Rich hateful profiteers send our children to war and poison our food, air and water. They do this knowingly and purposefully. They enjoy harming those not so wealthy as they. They see it as their right and their duty. They view their wealth as if proof that their god has favored them and they see themselves as the elect, the chosen.

Do not expect the wealthy to do anything to save Whites or the nation. They will do all they can to ruin us and have been doing so for centuries. We have to be especially careful to protect ourselves from the demagogues and phonies they inject in our midst to serve as our faux saviors.

The ancient Greeks faced the problem of plutocracy. They tried to create a more democratic system by means of sortition, or electing public officials by means of lottery. The rich would still hire demagogic guns to control public opinion as best they could, but the ancient Greeks were quite satisfied with this system of election and viewed it as superior to all others.

Even if we wanted to, we could not practice sortition in the USA at this time and our general population and system of laws would need to improve for it to be a practical measure in any event. We will instead have to win elections through popular support.

The wealthy, including the White wealthy, will work with the jews to undermine our efforts and prevent us from gaining any power and prevent us from improving the economy and growing the middle class. They will hire the best demagogues they can find as candidates, media figures and religious leaders to defeat and attack us. They will hire the best stooges they can find to chatter in the newsgroups and lead the "alternative media". And they will use their brainwashing and advertising skills and power to create an appetite in Americans for the very things which undermine and destroy us and give the rich still more power.

We should have no illusions that the rich will come around and support anyone who will cost them any of their advantages or in any way dilute their power. They are on the side of the jews and profit by the same means. You should know that the jews have promised the wealthy increasing advantages over you. They have also promised the wealthy representatives of other nations and ethnicities everything that White America has built up and today owns. The jews have cut deals with every religion, ethnicity, race and nationality to steal White America and give them a piece of our pie.

The jews elected the current Pope to help him steal White America and turn over much of North America to the Latinos. He will also help the Chinese to takeover all of the Americas. Even our cooking shows have gone from French chefs to jewish Mexicans! Now the Pope is a Latino lording over European descended peoples. Whites cannot have self determination as long as they are ruled by non-Whites and/or wealth supremacists.

To be sovereign and supreme in White territories, including White minds, Whites must rule Whites. White Supremacism is a vastly superior alternative to wealth supremacism, Christian supremacism, or egalitarian supremacism. White Supremacists have a loyalty and sense of duty to their own blood. They do not feel entitled because they have more money, but because they have a sacred duty to their own flesh to preserve the race and the territory for generations to come as well as the present populace. The White World is then properly understood in its biological reality with each healthy White person functioning to keep the body of the White People alive and healthy. The fabric of society and the many classes and communities are like tissues and organs of the body, not at war with each other, but fighting off cancers and infections together.

We must return to the Supremacy of our People, the power of blood, not abstractions, the entitlement of health, human dignity and self preservation, not raw wealth. So how do we do it?

The rich are cowards. They hide behind demagogues to eviscerate our nation. They bow to the jews as they crouch on our backs. Traditionally, protests have focused on the inner cities and government buildings. I say we assert our presence right in the face of the rich who are selling us out. We should march passed their mansions and let them know that we are going to take power by natural right, not pocketbook or purse. We should stop letting the rich hide and instead confront them with what they are doing. It is not enough to confront the demagogues. We have to confront those who put them in office and profit from destroying us.

When we do this, we must be very careful to distance ourselves from the bolsheviks and the anarchists who will falsely assert common cause with us. We are not out to destroy wealth or take it to redistribute it. We are out to preserve the nation and the race and only confront those who have first attacked us, all the while welcoming them and inviting them to change their ways.

It is time to get in the wealth supremacists' faces and confront them with their crimes against our Nation and our People. We err when we fall to our knees and bark back at their attack dogs. It is as hopeless as howling at the moon. We would do better to let them know that they can no longer hide behind their hired guns. It will bring them to our level and shake their sense of supremacy. Let a mile long line of homeless Americans march through a wealthy neighborhood. Let them see up close what they have done and know that they can no longer hide from it behind paid off politicians.