Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why Is Fukushima Jeff Rense Publicizing Cobalt-60 Doomsday Bombs?


Jeff Rense pays careful attention to events at Fukushima Daiichi and a substantial portion of is devoted to exposing the horrific impact of, and dangers posed by, this tragedy, but Rense has aggressively sought to dismiss any discussion that the catastrophe was deliberately caused or compounded. I agree with Rense that the negative effects of this massive dumping of the worst radioactive materials into the air, water and land will have a far worse consequences for all life on Earth than is generally acknowledged.

So why does Rense, who is seemingly genuinely concerned about the negative consequences of radioactive materials, provide a loud megaphone for Tim Rifat's desire to destroy human life with Cobalt-60 doomsday devices? Rense not only provides Rifat with a pulpit, he chuckles along as Rifat discusses poisoning humanity with Cobalt-60.

Rense states that America is dead. What are his true feelings towards the nation in which he resides? What are Jeff Rense's true feelings about Americans? Does he wish us well?

Rifat incorrectly asserts that a Cobalt shield or the mingling of massive amounts of Cobalt among centrifuge clusters would create a doomsday dirty bomb should the facility housing the Cobalt and centrifuges be struck by a nuclear bunker buster bomb. It would instead merely increase the nasty effects of the nuclear device on the area and nation housing the facility and those downwind from the attack. There would be negative and cumulative consequences for the planet, but by far the worst hit would be those seeking to safeguard themselves in this way.

Why is Rense horrified by Fukushima Daiichi, but laughs while Rifat discusses exterminating humanity with nuclear dirty bombs and doomsday devices? There is nothing new about the idea of Cobalt-60 doomsday devices. There is also nothing funny about them.

Rense also frequently hosts Gordon Duff. Duff has stated that his father was a communist. Duff is a cheerleader for Obama, Kerry and Hagel. He is of jewish descent and speaks Yiddish. Duff does business in Israel and works with drones. He claims a close and friendly relationship with Israeli intelligence and the intelligence community in general. Iran's PressTV also provides Duff with a platform. I have found those of Duff's predictions and analyses which I have read and heard on and PressTV to be generally grossly flawed and highly inaccurate. He is now promoting UFO theories.

Rense promotes the YouTube videos of the jew Morris who has tried to convince us that the worst traitor in America history Jonathan Pollard, is in fact an American hero. Another jew Rense promotes is Nathaniel Kapner, who in turn promoted Ron Paul, gold as currency, Putin as if savior, a military coup, etc.

What is going on?