Sunday, April 07, 2013

China Babble


Chinese are deceptive, dangerous creatures. They will lie to you with a smile on their faces.

Yet again, the communist Chinese have failed to state unequivocally that North Korea's threats are criminal acts. Instead, the Chinese, in chorus with the jew media, are blaming the USA for crimes the North Koreans are committing at the behest of the Chinese.

At the same time, China is directly provoking conflict in the South China Sea, leaving Muslims no where to turn except to a Russia which is increasingly aligning itself with China, and which at heart is no friend of Islam. Concurrently, the Red Chinese are making major moves to conquer White Australia and turn it into a third world mining camp run by mainland China, which will provide the other jaw of the vise clamping down on Muslim South East Asia.

What makes communist China so bold? One might wonder if they have some new weapon they are eager to unleash on us. Indeed, that is exactly the situation, and I think I know what their new weapon of mass destruction is. Note that the Chinese are now openly speaking of a new Chinese World Order, where Chinese are free to migrate to all nations and exploit the resources of every land.

The weapon of mass destruction the communists are about to unleash on us is not some new plasma ray gun. It is rather the treason of the jewish subverted governments of America, Europe, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and Islam. The Chinese are provoking global war because they know the jews will subvert every nation the Chinese attack, from within. The jews will undermine all we do to protect ourselves. Obama is their creation. Hagel is their proven lap dog. And so it goes with all the countries the Chinese seek to provoke to war, including Japan.

The jewish trojan horse rides high in every capital and will ensure the victory of the communists if we do not destroy their fifth column in all our governments.

Do we not have enough political fodder to triumph over the jews? Is it not enough to guarantee our victory that we can prove to the American People that the press and the jews have stolen our nation and given it to the Chinese? Are Americans not nervous enough about the future to vote for our party? We can defeat the status quo on every issue, from foreign policy to the economy, from education to health care. But time is up. We must do it this very moment. As I have recently been warning, the jews are about to destroy us to a point beyond which we stand almost no chance of recovery.

The Chinese will be easy to defeat, and we can tell the American People how. First, we must unseat the traitors in our government and press who are sponsoring Chinese victory while relentlessly attacking America, including the "alternative media" which is constantly trying to undermine our currency and international confidence in our currency, while constantly seeking to demoralize our dissidents and pit them against our People and Government and causing them to side with our mortal enemies.

Billions of Chinese need food. We can starve them out quickly and create civil unrest in China by sinking all the transport vessels supplying China and carrying Chinese exports. If need be, we can sink every major shipping vessel on the Earth. At the same time, we can reduce global food production so that nations are forced to prioritize the export of their food production. If the food does not exist, then Chinese cannot eat it. If the vessels needed to transport goods and food do not exist, the Chinese cannot exploit other nations to subsidize their communist slave labor. We can quickly and effectively destroy all the infrastructure China needs to carry out its plans for global dominance with a scorched earth and anaconda policy around China.

Sound too harsh for your tender cowardly ears to hear? Would you rather the Chinese nuke America as they have just recently pledged to do? You have been threatened with an imminent nuclear attack. Face this reality and help me defeat those who have threatened us. Obama will not do it. Instead he is prostrating America to make us appear weak and at fault for Chinese genocidal aggression. Obama is the Chinese secret weapon against us, and it is fatal. We can unseat him, if we organize politically. The alternative is certain death and it is coming very soon.