Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Money Supply, Global Reserve Currency and Debt

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

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The American dollar is a debt based currency. It is also the global reserve currency. In order for the global economy to function, it requires an adequate money supply to ward off deflation and attendant stragulation.

The petro-dollar encouraged foreign nations to sell us their goods at discounted prices so that they could acquire needed dollars with which to purchase oil. Many people believe this created a gravy train for the USA, but I would argue it is dooming us to debt destruction.

By allowing the world to base global economics on the US dollar, we have pledged to run ourselves into a debt so large that it matches the needed money supply for relatively stable international use, as well as our own domestic use. This is one of the main reasons the Chinese and Japanese have purchased so much of our debt and one of the ways in which they have cooperated with the jews to bankrupt us. The world needed us to go into insane debt so as to supplement the money supply needed to prevent a global depression.

The jews set us up for this inevitably destructive situation, where we are bound to remain the global reserve currency, but can no longer find anyone to buy the debt needed to increase the money supply to match global growth. Chinese growth has cost us tremendous debt in a direct relationship and the Chinese have worsened the situation by pinning their currency to the dollar.

This is why I have formulated the POWER PARTY dual currency model of a revived Greenback for domestic use, and a new Grainback for international use. We can utilize the momentum of the Federal Reserve Note to replace them with these debt free currencies and gain all the benefits of being the international reserve currency without the fatal drawback of a debt basis for the currency which currently guarantees both default and a global depression producing deflation.

The international economy is at a particularly fragile moment, and the jews are sinking the EURO, which will deflate the dollar. America will be compelled to increase the money supply of dollars for international use or face global depression due to marked deflation. This will require us under the current system to massively increase our already unsustainable debt in order to supply the increase in the money supply.

The jews are working with BRICS and other means of subterfuge to bury America, but habit and momentum have thus far prevented the success of these attacks. The BRICS system will collapse because it lacks the liquidity it would need to succeed, and is really a system of trade more than a global reserve currency substitute for the dollar. Facing competition from the dollar, BRICS will suffer from market fluctuations in an unsustainable way, and the failure of one of the nations will bring down the whole house of cards. The system is thus little more than a means of increasing the supply of dollars by engaging in what is effectively direct trade in which the value of goods and services is planned and regulated leaving it vulnerable to outside fluctuations in value which make it untenable and prone to failure.

That is why the Chinese are ever seeking monopolies so that there can be no stress on her trade from outside markets. We can bury China by replacing our debt based currency with the Grainback and Greenback and free ourselves from the usury of the jews, Chinese and Japanese, while still providing the international money supply the world needs to prevent a global depression.

The Chinese are busy trying to ruin us by increasing the global money supply while cutting us out, so that they can finance their international trade and concurrently eliminate all competition. If we oblige their war on us, they will take over the world in a decade and populate it with Chinese as they and the jews kill off Whites.