Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Press and Politicians Are Misrepresenting the Chinese - North Korean Relationship


American politicians and the international jewish press continue to misrepresent the relationship between communist China and communist North Korea. The real relationship between these two countries is similar to that which existed between the Soviet Union and communist Cuba.

Press and politicians assert that Red China is our ally and is pressuring North Korea not to start a war. Press and politicians believe communist China is threatening to cut off communist North Korea if it does not cease its threats of war.

The exact opposite is the reality of the situation. North Korea is threatening us because communist China is threatening to cut off North Korea if North Korea does not go to war against South Korea, Japan and the USA. The Chinese are insisting that Kim Jong-un iterate more and increasingly bellicose threats against us. The Chinese are not our ally any more than the Soviet Union was our ally.

Not only is China NOT insisting that North Korea back off, Red China is demanding that North Korea attack us. All this is happening at the instigation of the communist Chinese. Kim Jong-un is being threatened by the Chinese that should he not go to war against us, the Chinese will overthrow him, destroy his regime and execute his entire family. The Chinese are threatening the North Korean military that should they fail to go to war, China will starve the nation to death.

Red China is using the plight of the North Korean people in a somewhat similar fashion to the way the Saudi Arabians and Turks exploit the plight of the Palestinian people to forward their own interests and the goals of the jews.

North Korea cannot back off. The communist Chinese won't let them.

The jewish alternative media are especially vicious in their misrepresentation of the situation when they scapegoat America for what the Chinese are doing. Not only are the traitors in the jewish alternative media sponosoring our enemies, their communist comrades, they are trying to prevent a resolution of the crisis by blaming the victim and holding the responsible party, the communist party, blameless. The jews want this war and are doing all they can to ensure that it happens.