Saturday, September 07, 2013

In an US Versus Russia Showdown, China and the Jews Will Win and All Whites Will Lose Everything

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The manipulative jews are pitting the US against Russia, and Russia against the West, as they always have. Should Russia and America consume one another, who is it who will reap the harvest of White wheat?

The jews have us well armed, as they always do before a major war. The jews have their puppets in power, as they always do before a major war. They are building up Putin to knock him down. They want him confident and cocky as Hitler so when the Whites go marching off to war on the Whites again, the blood bath will wash clean the landscape of any memory of the once mighty White man.

And the Chinese are grinning as they coyly betray the Russians to this battle where White waves of light focused on top of one another as 180 degree polar opposites in destructive interference will cancel each other out and produce darkness, the dawn of European man. The shooting war, the real blow things up war, is meant to be between Russia and the West. This will destroy we Whites and leave the Chinese undisputed slaves of the jews masters of the Goyim to govern, regulate and carry out the genocide of all the rest of humanity.

You see, it takes Whites to wipe out Whites. With all their numbers, the Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis together are no match for just one of our White nations, let alone our combined White might.

We Whites should instead unite, Americans with the Russians, and preserve the White race with our unmatched power. The World will then be ours without any disputes other than how best to divvy it up for our self interests.