Friday, September 20, 2013

John McCain, the Jews' Go-To Guy for Match Fixing

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When the jews decided to put Obama in the White House, steal trillions from the American taxpayer and ramp up their war on America and Islam, the jews fixed the race by running their go-to guy in Washington, John McCain, against Obama. The jews stirred in a little absurdity atop the mix to assure the result by having their paid boy add Palin to the ticket. Together, these two clowns threw the race and guaranteed Obama the victory.

Now that the jews want to generate international hostility towards America and to promote their puppet Putin as if the new messiah to American dissidents and anti-Americans around the globe, while at the same time whipping up anti-Russian sentiments among Americans, the jews put John McCain in the ring with their bare chested homoerotic hero Putin, to throw the fight for America and draw us into a war at the very time it is most important for Whites to unite and control the lion's share of the nuclear arsenal in the world.

This is a fixed fight, ladies and gentlemen, and you can see that the NYT is backing Putin and "American" jewish politicians against the jews' boy McCain, a Shabbos Goy if ever there was one. We should not in any way sponsor this farce. We should not pretend that Putin is anything but a jew puppet, and we should not pretend that McCain serves any interest other than jewry and their war on America. This is professional wrestling on a global scale and McCain is a paid clown put in the ring to lose and make America look ridiculous. We should be exposing this charade, not promoting it by promoting Putin and attacking America.

Never forget that the "alternative" media jews, who forever demean America and Americans, discouraged you from petitioning Congress not to vote for a Syrian attack by telling you that the attack could not be stopped, this while AIPAC and other jewish organizations rallied their troops to lobby Congress to support the proposed attack. These same anti-American "alternative" media jews are trying to internationalize America and destroy us by making internationalist Putin our de facto leader. Can you not see how they are portraying Putin as the de facto leader of a new world government? Can you not see how the jews are duping you into surrendering your national sovereignty to their puppet in Moscow? Is there no American who can stand up for America's best interests and national sovereignty?

Obama v. McCain, a fixed match that McCain threw and America lost. Putin v. McCain, another fixed match McCain is throwing and America is losing, by kosher design.