Saturday, September 07, 2013

Oh, How the Genocidal Jews Miss Their Mouthy Man Ahmadinejad

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Connect the dots and the grotesque image of the jew's hoary hooked nose sniffing the ground for fresh blood emerges from the here and there of today's headlines. The bellicose jews are terrified at the prospects for peace now that Ahmadinejad the crypto-jew is no longer center stage in the puppet of show of jew stooges. The Larry, Moe and Curly of Cameron, Obama and Putin just are not enough to spark the conflagration of Goyim, er uh Nations, that the jews have sought for 2,500 years. Ahmadinejad, oh Ahmadinejad, how the jews miss you and long for perpetual war, dear little Ahmadinejad!

Back to those pits and pockmarks dotting the dark landscape of the jew media. The spotty specter of Fukushima has crept out of the back page shadows and bared its fangs front page, just in time to ring out in concert with crypto Kerry's trumpets of war. Dennis Rodman has again gone to North Korea giving a forum for ghetto diplomacy as the malatto madman in chief pounds the war drums for the jew bankers who put the merciless and talentless nobody in power, that same Chinese proxy North Korea which threatened to attack us with nuclear bombs and received not so much as a harsh talking to from the fearful Obama, prince of peace and dynamite Nobel laureate that he is in the jews' twisted world of politics by international terror and genocidal war.

And who is it that feels threatened by an imminent invasion of Syrian soldiers on the now radioactive shores of America? Not I, how about you? Do you toss and turn in a pool of sweat each night wondering when the Syrian bombs will whistle in and blow up your children as they sleep? Why is it that the jew puppets so desire to cast this death at the Syrian young?

It is that the jews are more afraid than ever before that peace will stand in the way of their messiah, now that their furry friend Ahmadinejad has exited the gallows, now that their latest Haman bogey man has left the building and left the genocidal jews bobbing for blood and grasping at strawmen. . . and bombs.