Saturday, September 07, 2013

Varg Vikernes Will Battle in the French Courts

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

My father used to joke that the reason why the Vikings roamed the Earth was to escape the brutality and hen pecking of Norwegian women. His mother Dagny Pedersen had a hot temper and once hurled a butcher knife into my grandfather Kristian Bjerknes' shoulder where it stuck in deep. He laughed and pulled out the bloody knife. I am told that my grandfather then left for Argentina for a time to become a gaucho on the Pampas where he fathered a set of twin girls before returning with a poncho and a bottle of rum. I am also told that one of my relatives was hanged for burning a Swedish ship in Norwegian waters.

Norwegian Varg ("Wolf" born Kristian) Vikernes has made his way to France and is raising a fine family there with young children. He is readying his war chest for a battle in the French courts and has requested assistance in this endeavor. He explains his situation in the following interview in which he speaks English and Marie Cachet speaks French, which is translated with English subtitles:

Though freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, justice must be earned and paid for, and can be quite expensive.