Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Before There Was Judas (Iscariot), There Was Judas (Maccabeus): Study the Maccabees to Know What the Jews Are Planning to Do to Greece

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The good natured Greeks were kind to the jews and many jews understood that the Greeks had a vastly superior culture and sought to assimilate into it. The jews' genocidal god demanded absolute jewish racial segregation and the annihilation of all Gentile gods to accompany the extermination of all Gentiles.

The jews fabricated a false history of their ancient battle against the Greeks and this bogus history is recorded in the jewish book of I Maccabee. The book opens with chapter 1 denouncing Antiochus for allowing Greek religion in the jewish temple and for tolerating jewish assimilation into Greek culture, see especially verses 20-24 and 54-64 of I Maccabees.

For their crime of accepting jews into Greek culture, the Greeks were made to pay with the lives of all their males, and the slavery of all their women to the jews, who also stole all their property and burned their cities. This is told in I Maccabees chapter 5.

The jews then sought to pit Whites against Whites and brought the Romans against the Greeks, according to I Maccabees chapter 8.

The jews destroyed the glory of ancient Greece. Then the jews destroyed the glory of Byzantine Greece. Then the jews genocided Greeks, together with Assyrian Christians and Armenians under the jewish "Young Turk" regime.

Today, the jews are again attacking Greeks and subverting their rights to voter franchise and self-determination, as the jews insist upon criminalizing Greek nationalism. Today, the jews are again pitting Whites against Whites, as they try to turn the EU and America against Greece.

The jews have been waging a relentless war of extermination against the Greeks for at least 2,200 years. The jews have already killed the Greek gods and replaced them with a jew. Now they seek to kill off the Greeks themselves and replace them with exiles from jewish genocidal wars in Africa and Asia. The jews have ancient plans and ancient methods and they are fulfilling their ancient plans. We must fight them or die.