Friday, November 29, 2013

Don't Let the Jews Confuse White Dominance and White Self Preservation with Hypocrisy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews are desperate to prevent Whites from recognizing and employing their natural rights of White Supremacism. The jews are attempting to dissuade Whites from asserting their natural rights by confounding White Supremacism with Jewish Supremacism.

White Supremacism is meant to secure White political dominance and demographic majority in White lands. Jewish supremacism is determined and destined to genocide the human race. Whereas jewish supremacism seeks to undermine all others even to the detriment of jews, White Supremacism has as its aim the improvement of the general living conditions on planet Earth.

White Supremacism asserts Whites' right to sovereignty and self determination within nature and by natural right. Jewish supremacism compels all human beings and nature generally to submit to jewish rule and the law of their fictional genocidal god.

White Supremacism is natural, normal and promotes life. Jewish supremacism is unnatural, destructive and hostile to all nature, and has as its primary goal the absolute elimination of all non-jewish life. White Supremacism is constructive. Jewish supremacism is destructive.

In the very real competition between Whites and jews, there is no hypocrisy in seeking to dominate the competition. It is our only means of survival and abides the highest moral standards, those of preserving our children. A soccer team is not hypocritical for working to dominate and defeat their competition. Whites are not hypocritical for seeking to remove enemy jews from influence over their nations and destinies.