Friday, November 29, 2013

The Jews Desire to Destroy America, One Way, or Another. . . In Any Way They Can and in Spite of the Ways They Cannot

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews have failed to force Americans to destroy America by pointlessly and counterproductively attacking Syria and Iran. The jews primary objective in attempting to incite warfare between America, Syria and Iran is the destruction of America through the self consumption of perpetual aggressive war with no returns.

The jews first had the Soviets attack Afghanistan, when the jews decided to pull the plug on the USSR. The jews are first having America consume itself in aggressive wars in Afghanistan and throughout the Islamic nations, in preparation for a Chinese take over of American soil and international influence.

Since the jews have failed to force us into war in Syria and Iran, they are instead going for the jugular and are inciting the Communist Chinese to attack us now, rather than later. This began as proxy threats of nuclear war through Red China's satellite nation North Korea, and has now broken out into the open in response to growing peace initiatives between the USA, Syria and Iran.

Never forget that we are the primary target when the jews pit us against others. America is the most powerful nation of European origin and the jews want us dead. Communist China is their ideal Marxist Utopia of toxic cess, human bondage, and genocidal mass murder.

Will you at long last stand up and fight for your rights before the jews arm two billion Chinese and sic them upon you?