Sunday, December 29, 2013

It Is Time for Us to File a Class Action Federal Lawsuit Against Those Violating Our Constitutional Rights to Interstate Communications

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A reader of this blog informed me that a video to which I had linked has been blocked for alleged TOS violations. This is an intolerable situation, whereby my efforts to communicate across State lines are being violated and I and my readers are being discriminated against and denied equal and unfettered access to the same means of interstate communications as all others. The jews have created a catch 22, in that if I wish to communicate publicly, I must inform them of my communications, and they then employ that information to discriminate against me and block those same interstate communications, such that the dissemination of knowledge becomes a kiss of death for the basis of the communication of that same knowledge.

Companies do not have the right to discriminate against me or my readers. I enjoy the same Constitutional rights to communicate across State lines as does anyone else.

Can we put together at least 100 individuals from various States and file a Federal law suit to end this blatant discrimination against us and recover damages for it?