Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Prediction in April of 2013 that the Jews Would Begin Executing Kim Jong-Un's Family Has Come True

Back in April of this year, I (alone) predicted that the Red Chinese puppets of the jews would begin executing Kim Jong-un's family members if he failed to wage war on South Korea, Japan and America. I have been proven correct, and the jews ordered the execution of his uncle to begin the process of intimidation to instigate a shooting war. On 11 April 2013, I posted the following article which forecast the currently unfolding events:

If Kim Jong-un Gets Cold Feet, the Communist Chinese Will Assassinate Him, Topple His Regime and Execute His Extended Family, April 11, 2013

There are generals in the North Korean military who do not want to die, do not want to mass murder South Koreans and do not want to instigate a nuclear third world war. There are also generals who are embeded crypto-Chinese ready to assassinate Kim Jong-un and his extended family should Kim Jon-un hesitate to obey Chinese orders to attack South Korea, Japan and the USA.

The carrot is continued billions for the North Korean mafia State and the pledge of Chinese military support for the attack. The stick is regime change orchestrated by Beijing and the slaughter of all those who have betrayed Chinese authority.

The US should stop pretending that North Korea can change course and instead identify Red China as the source of the aggression. Kim Jong-un cannot disobey China without signing his own death warrant. The Chinese are out to make their move and see the young puppet leader as their ticket to expansionism and control of the Pacific, a Chinese objective for at least 5,500 years.

The only way to stop North Korea is to stop China, by providing Kim Jong-un a way out, which wouldn't work, identifying forces in North Korea who will depose Kim Jong-un, again not viable due to Chinese dominance of the society, or to demonstrate to China that we know what they are doing and the price they are about to pay is not worth the risks of failure. Going after the threatened and completely controlled puppet Kim Jong-un only places him under greater control by the Chinese.

If the regime is toppled, expect that Kim Jong-un would not carry out the Chinese orders to attack. China will then either have the new regime obey its orders, or use the opportunity to move its troops right up to the South Korean border and aim its best missiles at Tokyo. China wants Japan to fall. It is China's means of hegemony, capture of Taiwan and complete control of the Pacific.

Korea is a means to a much broader end, Chinese world supremacy.

If China backs down from this, it will be because they know they have been found out for the deceitful and deceptive genocidal mafia cowards that they are.

It seems my model for international jewish behavior has yet again predicted events noone else forecast. Let me reiterate another of my predictions in yet another attempt to provoke you to political action. To phrase it as succinctly as I can, the Chinese are going to annihilate us, with the help of the jews who want us dead.

Chinese women are attaching themselves to White males at an alarming rate. Infertile White couples are importing Chinese female children. The Chinese are taking over South America and Africa. They have the numbers to overwhelm us. Just as the Chinese students and businesspeople, often posing as tourists, stole our technologies through an intensive and very successful espionage campaign, which I vocally warned against in the 1990's, the Chinese are flooding our shores with a fifth column of Chinese.

The Chinese want a shooting war to take advantage of Japan's weakened state following the jewish attack on Fukushima. The jews are pitting the South Koreans against Japan, and the North Koreans against South Korea, Japan and America, so as to weaken our alliances and provoke a war. The Communist Chinese have the jews' pledge that they will be a trojan horse to subvert the American government, military and nuclear arsenal, just as the jews gave the Red Chinese our weapons technology and our industry.

You really must start doing something, before we fall to these Communists and our people are bred out and slaughtered. We are nearing the end.