Sunday, December 08, 2013

On the Subject of Einstein's Plagiarism

From Jewish Racism
Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Roger Schlafly, son of Phyllis Schlafly, published a book in 2011 entitled How Einstein Ruined Physics. This book evidently contains part of my translation which I published back in 2002 in my article "A Theory of Einstein the Irrational Plagiarist", The Canberra Times, September 19, 2002; and again in my 2003 book Anticipations of Einstein in the General Theory of Relativity; from one of Einstein's 1907 papers, which I quoted to evince Einstein's belief that he was entitled to plagiarize the work of others:
"It appears to me that it is the nature of the business that what follows has already been partly solved by other authors. Despite that fact, since the issues of concern are here addressed from a new point of view, I believe I am entitled to leave out what would be for me a thoroughly pedantic survey of the literature, all the more so because it is hoped that these gaps will yet be filled by other authors, as has already happened with my first work on the principle of relativity through the kind efforts of Mr. Planck and Mr. Kaufmann."--A. Einstein, "Ueber die vom Relativitaetsprinzip geforderte Traegheit der Energie", Annalen der Physik, Series 4, Volume 23, (1907), pp. 371-384, at 373.

I believe it was Richard Moody who first truncated my full and correct translation sometime in late 2003. My novel insight that this is proof of Einstein's intent to plagiarize the work of his betters has, since 2002, been spread all over the web, though rarely with an attribution to me. I only mention this because the missing phrases from my translation are significant. It is interesting to note that recently Einstein's statement appeared on the Veterans Today website in incorrect form, Was Einstein a Wife Beater, Womanizer, Plagiarizer, and Eugenicist? (Part I).
I don't think Schlafly mentioned me or my work in his 2011 book.
The Occidental Observer reviewed Schlafly's book, but again made no mention of me or my work. Seems strange, given that hundreds of thousands of copies of my 2006 book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein were downloaded before the jews censored my website off the web. That book was another of the many places I published my translation and novel insight. They ought to have mentioned my work. It is far more thorough and better documented than Schlafly's much later book, and it is free and freely available for immediate download from a variety of sources.