Thursday, December 12, 2013

We Should Leap Forward, Rather than Step Backwards

The Chipotle restaurant chain has produced a couple of short videos which are very good propaganda for healthier natural foods:

The Scarecrow

Back to the Start

They ought to sponsor a children's picture contest for the best colored drawing of the "scarecrow" and paste these in the windows of their restaurants. We would do well to produce such propaganda for our causes.

I do, however, take exception to the message that mankind ought to step backwards to move forwards. If Whites are to outcompete those who would eliminate us from existence, we must use our intelligence to manage our resources with the most modern and structured scientific methods at our disposal. Becoming Amish will only provide our enemies with the edge they need to destroy us. As kids, we used to talk about how we could take over earlier societies with modern weapons. We must not step backwards as others advance beyond us with our own science, lest we stumble into our eternal grave as a race.

This does not imply destroying nature, but rather reinvigorating nature in the most effective and efficient ways, as we maintain our technological competitive advantages over our competition.