Sunday, January 05, 2014

Are the Communist North Koreans "AntiNWO"?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews have a long tradition of subverting dissidents in America by turning them against the nation and rendering them anticitizens and traitors to the country and the people. Benedict Arnold was an agent of the jews. Many during the American Revolution glorified the jew controlled British royals.

The jews romanticized pirates, who were dominated by jews. John Wilkes Booth was a jew political assassin. Emma Goldman was a jew who reduced White populations with jew propaganda. The jews promoted Lenin and Trotsky, genocidal jew freemasons, to American and European dissidents, and still do.

During the 1960's the jews advertised Che Guevara, Ho Chi Minh and Mao Tsedung as if heroes for our dissidents to honor and emulate. And so it has continued in the new century with a long list of cereal box totalitarian communist supermen dictators who will supposedly save us, including Jesus, Chavez, Obama, Putin, Erdogan, Ahmadinejad, Gaddafi, etc. etc. etc. and now the epitome of the jew world order crazy Kim Jong-un is being sold to us as if a strongman salvation from the jews and the new world order.

The jews are using the same tactics as always. They are propagandizing the solipsistic nonsense that we cannot know the true nature of crazy Kim's inhuman regime, viz. the same kind of reality denial brainwashing infecting the factual analysis of terrorist attacks and mass homicides plaguing America. The jews want you to doubt everything, so you become so ridiculous as to be irrelevant.

We know for a fact that Kim has threatened to exterminate us, like the jews. We know Kim is a communist who divides the Korean People against itself threatening to genocide their own, as the jews planned. We know North Korea starves its people, as did the communists of the Soviet Union, Red China, etc. slaying more than 100 million innocent human beings. We know that Kim is a totalitarian dictator of the cruelest unkind, like his jew world order predecessors. We know that Kim is ruled over by imperialist and expansionist communist China, in an internationalist nightmare that prevents autarky and national independence in Korea and elsewhere. It is glaringly obvious that Kim's regime is the epitome of all the most horrifying and loathsome aspects of the jew world order that we so fear and against which we fight, and yet there is a strong contingent of controlled opposition forces promoting and advertising crazy Kim as if he were fighting the NWO when he is in fact the most telling and obvious manifestation of it!

Ask yourself why you oppose the jew world order and what is it that you most fear from it. Your answers will describe North Korea and the horrors North Koreans face everyday, yet the jews would have you idolize crazy Kim, a man who has openly threatened to murder you and everyone else in your nation! And I am the only person pointing this obvious fact out to you.

The jews are deliberately infecting you with a form of Stockholm syndrome in which you defend the jew world order in the name of fighting it. And so you laud and worship imperialist communist Putin and his war on Whites in the name of defending national sovereignty and White interests, and you put crazy Kim on a pedestal because he threatens to murder your entire nation and oppresses his nation and subjects it to proxy Chinese rule, in the name of fighting the NWO.

To call you a fool would be an insult to the foolish. You are instead a traitor, a communist and a genocidal murderer of your own people. There is no more gullible goy than the goy who praises his mortal enemies at the jews' behest.