Saturday, January 11, 2014

Filling the Void Left by the Dejudification of Europeans

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Christianity appeals to Whites because it ultimately asserts love as the basis for morality, in the absurd form of the love of the jewish tribal god for those whom he is determined to exterminate. There is no need for anyone to falsely pretend that a jewish tribal god is the source of our ability and instinct to love and to be moral. Ceasing to pretend that a jewish tribal god rules the universe and that his mythical son is the savior of the world from the mythical original sin of mythical Adam does not kill our ability to love or to be moral beings. But for many, it will leave a void that can be filled by more substantial and productive beliefs.

Jews and their fronts, including communists and freemasons, often attack Christianity for the purpose of creating a void in the belief systems and morals of their target population. They are clearing the fields to sow the seeds of their poisonous weeds. This does mean that it is a bad thing, per se, to abandon the childish and suicidal mythology of Christianity, only that doing so creates a void and opens up opportunities to fill it. There is no imperative to fill that void with anything destructive, as do the jews, freemasons and communists. Rather, though the jews seek to fill the void with something even worse than Christianity, that does not mean that the same void cannot be filled with something far better than the childish myths and vulgar voodoo of Christianity.

Christians, for example, assert that our rights are god given. This myth places the power behind our rights in the realm of the abstract and unknowable. It converts our rights into supernatural ether and places the responsibility for formulating and safeguarding those rights out of our hands and into the chimeras of a world we pretend into existence that nowhere really exists. Rights thus become dogma, but a dogma defended by a supernatural daddy who never intervenes to assert the power necessary to enforce rights.

Nature does not separate rights, power or law. Christianity renders rights, power and law a criminal enterprise, in that these depend not on nature, but on the force of believers to impose their will on everyone with no other justification than their false assertion that they are honoring divine desire, that of the jews who fabricated and plagiarized the Asiatic myths. A bank robber can walk into a bank and declare himself the law because he carries a gun and all will obey him or he will kill them. He can declare that he is not a criminal but the law, and then issue his edicts to those who obey his law. His morality is no more based on love than is Christianity, rather both are thug systems where power is derived from the belief in superiority through force, the force of the abstract jew god on the one hand, and the force of the gun in the other. None of that has anything to do with the love of one human being for another, and is therefore not natural nor moral law, but the law of force. And it was the jews declaring their king the ruler of man and their god the ruler of the heavens who created the destructive myths of Christianity.

Nowhere does Christianity express the love a Greek feels towards his family, his people or his nation. Instead, Christianity takes the moral laws which naturally spring from a Greek's natural love and tramples them under the jewish heel of the jew corpse Jesus demanding all bow to him, king of the jews, and the jewish tribal god who pulls his laws out of his back pocket to favor his chosen people, not the Greek's chosen people. Such is thug law, not natural law. You obey because you are told to obey and fear retribution if you do not, such that your master becomes your law, not the criminal that he is by violating your natural rights.

Christianity places the power for law in obedience to a foreign abstract force, not the force of the love of the individual whom nature has evolved to love those who perpetuate his survival and the survival of his tribe and his race. Love is the source of natural rights and they reside in our genetic predispositions to be proud and love our families and our peoples, our appearance and our territory. We also have natural power, and do not derive it from obedience to a jewish myth. The power exists in our intelligence, our will and the physical means we have bodily and through the physical world to exert our will and to make our own judgements based on our natural faculties and instinctive predispositions. Christianity is engineered to do away with this human power, and suppressed Europeans until they abandoned its edicts and allowed nature to express itself and its human love which has evolved for millions of years.

Law and punishment should not be the product of jewish myth and jewish hostility to Europeans, but instead the instinctive product of our love for each other, for ourselves, for our territory, our nations, and our will to survive. This nature does not leave us when we abandon jewish Christianity, rather it has the opportunity to either manifest itself, or again be corrupted.

Jewish Christianity has long held sway among Europeans, and Christians have long censored and destroyed the tongues and works of normal Europeans, leaving us with a more certain guide in our natures than in the past. However, our youth even more than ourselves have been fed a polluted diet of the most heinous filth the jews can imagine, and so their natures are more difficult to reveal.

I suspect it will take some experimentation and variety to arrive a suitable set of replacements for the destructive jewish myths of Christianity and to evolve a moral doctrine that suits our nature and our need to survive. I recommend scientific methods of testing religions as opposed to the dark will of Christianity that placed human beings in stone filled sacks into rivers declaring that god would save them if they were truly innocent. The ancients used to believe that if their gods were strong, they would preserve their people, or destroy them if they were angry. I suggest we turn this process on its head and test the opposite method, if our religious beliefs profit us they might be metaphysically, mystically and spiritually sound. If they fail us, then we should become angry at them and abandon them. It is better to be scientific than superstitious. But the law should always come from our love of ourselves, our families, our kind, our nations, and our territories, not jewish dogma which is hostile to us and our interests. You see the secret staring every Christian in the face is the fact that Christianity comes from the jews' hatred for Europeans, not the jewish god's love of Goyim, which never had the possibility of existing. Christianity comes from hate, not love, and it is driving Europeans to suicide their races despite their millions of years of evolution which produced natural love, natural law and the will to survive.