Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Plight of the Ukraine and the Deadly Danger of Empires

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Nations used to go to war to fight off the encroachment of aggressive empires onto their soil and into their lives. The jews have successfully turned this human reaction to imperial aggression and the fear of aggressive war on its head, and today have nations volunteering to join empires in order to avoid war. The jews planned this and openly stated that their world wars would bring about targeted racial genocide, the surrender of national sovereignty for the promise of peace, the creation of a jewish State and the establishment and empowerment of the jewish run global empire known first as the "League of Nations" and then the "United Nations".

It used to be that alliances between nations were subordinate to those nations and had no independent bodies superior to the nations involved in the alliance. Alliances were tools of the member nations. The jews have turned national alliances on their heads, by creating governmental bodies superior to the nations involved in an alliance which govern the subject nations and render them inferior to the will and power of the super state governing the member nations, which are its subjects.

The United Nations is a would-be global empire. We should be at war with it to ensure its demise, rather than being the chief power serving it. We should return to our human instinct to combat empires that destroy our sovereignty and render us slaves on our home soil. Empires do not bring us peace, rather they encourage foreign invasion and prevent us from warring against it. Invasion, theft of wealth, political interference, racial attack and all other forms of national subversion are acts of war. Empires promote and facilitate these acts of war, while undermining the national military and political means of national defense. They promote war against each nation, while preventing national defense. They do not being peace, they bring war while hamstringing defense.

The United Nations, the European Union, Imperial America and Imperial Russia are each empires. Empires are a deliberate attack on national sovereignty and consume any ruling nation by importing foreigners into the chief nation. The United Nations is undermining humanity. The European Union is undermining European nations. Imperial America is destroying America. Imperial Russia is ruining Russia's future. The growth of empires is war. Volunteering to enter into empires is surrender to ongoing war without fighting back. It is willful submission to slavery and open betrayal of the family, ancestors and nation. The war does not end when an empire overtakes a subject nation, it escalates and the national defense erodes. The war then takes the putrid form of national and individual execution of defenseless slaves who have not the national honor or means to fight back. THE WAR DOES NOT END WITH SURRENDER!

Leaders in the Ukraine should publicly point out how the jews have relentlessly attacked the Ukraine with one foreign empire after another. They should clearly explain to the world that empires have engaged in genocide against the Ukrainian people throughout the centuries and that they have the right and the duty to reject the encroachment of empires on Ukrainian sovereignty, and do reject it.

The Ukraine is at the heart of Europe and caps the Black Sea. The Russian Empire and the Turkish Empire have warred against each other for centuries at the instigation of the jews. The Ukraine has suffered from this battle and others, including but not limited to German imperial aggression, Polish imperial aggression, and chiefly jewish imperial aggression. The Ukraine is a perfect example to the world that it is necessary to end empires and return to national sovereignty as the only means to limit wars and preserve peoples and national independence.

For the Ukraine to survive, it must reject the aggression of the EU Empire and the Russian Empire. It must not allow a repeat of 1956 Hungary, where national sovereignty ceded to foreign imperial aggression in the name of restoring national order. The Ukraine should declare itself a sovereign and free human State in the heart of Europe. The alliances it forms with other nations, not empires, should be established as contracts subject to the will and honor of the nations, and should NEVER subject the member nations to an overarching supernational authority which renders the member States mere subjects of its greater authority and power. The Ukraine should reject Asian encroachment and outlaw foreign ownership of its lands and means of food production. It should propose the first offer of a White imperative in its alliances which unites Europeans not in empire but in common cause to preserve their independent nations against empire and racial attack. Ukrainian leaders have the opportunity to become a pulpit of wisdom for the White World on how to survive the jewish quest for global jewish empire.

First the Ukraine should establish its firm national sovereignty, secure its rights of self determination and define its borders and restrict all foreign intervention of any kind including immigration and foreign ownership of anything Ukrainian. Then, the Ukraine should argue against the EU Empire and the Russian Empire and lay down a better path which should spring from the heart of Europe and branch out in all directions.

Instead of jewish run aggressive empires pointing guns at the Ukraine from all sides, the Ukraine should recommend an alliance of Western Europe, Russia and America to preserve the White Race from the jews, Asians and Africans. Whites control the bulk of the nuclear weapons in the world and the means of food production. We should bow to no one, and never again bend a bow to shoot an arrow at one another. This can and should be structured to empower national sovereignty, not diminish it. It should be organized not as an empire, but as an anti-imperial force that does not establish an overlord, or a landlord, but instead relies upon the national independence of its members for its existence.

Joining an empire, be it the EU or Russia/China, would only be an act of surrender, and the war on the Ukrainians would escalate, not abate. The foreign troops would invade without a shot fired in defense of the motherland. The seat of government would carry foreign puppets without any resistance to the aggressive takeover.

Ukrainians, you must explain your past to the rest of the world and educate them as to why you assert your national independence and reject the aggression of empires. Your words will echo and then resonate among the other peoples caught between the walls of the battling empires genociding them. Train the nations of the world by your example to understand that national sovereignty is the proper path to peace, not surrender to empire which only guarantees defeat and eventual genocide.

The institution of empire is the imposition of perpetual war. Humanity should reject it and in the meanwhile, the Ukraine should at last become independent and healthy, a nation of the Ukrainian People, for the Ukrainian People and by the Ukrainian People, who will never again succumb to foreign empire.