Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why the Land and Nation of Israel Are So Important to the Jews: It Is Worse than You Thought

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews believe that they have within them the divine spark of their god, who is unknowable through reason and exists outside the world of his creation. The jews believe that the Goyim are failed attempts to create man in the jew god's image. The jews further believe that their nation is the only proper holy nation which contains the divine spark, and that the 70 nations of the Goyim (literally meaning "the nations") are likewise failed evil entities in the created world that cannot and do not contain the divine spark of the proper order of creation intended by the jews' god, the jew god's kingdom in heaven.

The jews maintain that Adam was created in the creator's image. He had the divine spark within him as did later individuals, including Seth, Noah and Abraham. These individuals are thought to truly have had something of the divine image in them, while the rest of humanity were evil shells of the dead world of creation bearing nothing of the divine. Then, the first group or nation arose from Jacob that as a group, the Chosen, each, and collectively, became bearers of the divine spark, while the souls of the Goyim remained dead and evil, products of nature equipped only with mundane reason to guide them, natural evil reason that could never produce knowledge or understanding of the divine, of the jews' god.

Moses went up to Mount Sinai and received the law which came from the divine as a new creation from divine will, not the product of man's creative spirit nor the revelation of prophets, but hot from the jew god's hands just as creation itself came from nothing but the jew god's will and cannot be understood by natural reason. The existence of the divine spark in the jew tribe of Jacob's descendants, and their receipt of the law from the jew god itself, gave the jews life and condemned the Goyim to death. Even Goy converts to judaism cannot be equal to the children of israel because they do not have in them the divine spark. The divine spark and the acceptance of the jew god's law and obedience to it grant the jews the privilege to destroy all Goy nations, steal all Goy wealth and genocide all Goyim, so as to restore divine order to creation.

The only nation permitted existence in the jews' messianic era is israel and the only life to remain will be jewish life, as the shells of Goy life are dead. Whereas the jews contain the kernel of life, the divine spark, the Goyim are only the dead husk. This is why the racist rabbis claim that the Goyim are only animals with animal souls and only exist to serve jews as beasts of burden. What even the racist rabbis don't yet say publicly, is that the Goyim are also animals suitable for blood sacrifices to the jew god.

The jews believe that Adam lived in Palestine after he was expelled from the garden of eden. The divine spark is believed to have dwelt in Palestine for five hundred years. Palestine is thought to be the gate to heaven. In order to open its doors and restore the divine spark to Palestine, the jews must rebuild their temple and genocide the Goyim. The ark of the covenant, the ten commandments and more generally the temple are the heart of the body of the jewish people. The levitical priesthood descended from the priests of Moses' brother Aaron and the prophets are thought to be the head and mind of the body of the jewish people. For the jews to complete their redemption and usher in the messianic era, they must expel or murder all non-jews in Palestine and build a temple to their god.

To complete the body of jewry, the jews need to rebuild the temple and so start their heart beating again together with the divine breath of the lungs of the cherubim atop the ark and the other implements of the temple serving as organs for the body of jewry to give the jews life. The letting of Goy blood has always served the jews as the blood sacrifice which nourishes the body of the jewish people giving material vitality to jewish people.

The ultimate judgement of the Goyim by the jew messiah will result in spilling the blood of every non-jew on Earth in an attempt to restore the divine spark to the holy land. The jews believe that in this way they will bring down the devil to earth and live with him in Palestine throughout the messianic age.

Unexpectedly enough, one of the reasons why the jews desire to end the age of the Gentiles with the emergence of the Chinese, is that the Medieval jews considered China to be the eastern most nation with respect to the setting of the sun which commences the Sabbath. They believed that the world consisted of Portugal to the West and China to the East with the spheres of heaven revolving around a stationary earth. The messianic era is the Sabbath millennium, the seven thousandth years of creation.

The jews believe that they can hasten the end of the age of the Gentiles by making the Chinese the rulers of the Goy nations, and then end the reign of the Chinese, and so set the sun on the lifetime of the Goyim, as it rises on Palestine and the jews for the Sabbath millennium. Note that the seat of the greatest Goy power on earth is revolving around the earth from east to west under the directorship of jewry, to wind up to a final end in China, if things go as the jews presently intend.

These jewish beliefs also help to explain why the jews seek to destroy all Goy gods and supplant them with a combination of Christianity, Islam and secular humanism. The jews believe they can reduce the Goyim to the lowest animal level of soul by leading them to worship reason, because the jews believe reason is of nature, or failed creation, and cannot produce knowledge of the divine, nor create anything to combat the will of the divine which can intervene at any time on behalf of the jews to destroy the Goyim by means not knowable through reason. Whereas the jews teach the Goyim that reason and science are the most noble of pursuits, the jews believe that by doing this they are reducing the Goyim to the lowest level of an evil and animal existence.

The jews also believe they are duty bound to their god to destroy all idolatry, all the religion of the Goyim and all their gods. So the jews offer up atheism, Christianity and Islam as the best alternatives for Goyim, but not one Goy god.

. In the jews' minds, atheism produces the lowest form of cattle out of the Goyim who have given up the gods of their ancestors, those uninspired animals who only ponder nature, failed creation, with natural animal means, logic. Islam most nearly and completely instills the Noahide laws in Goy society and so the jews are content to live among and exploit Muslims. And Christianity serves to make blood sacrifices of the Goyim, in that the idol Jesus is, in the jews' beliefs, the betrayer Satan, Sammael, and the image of the dead jew on a cross signifies the sacrifice of the Goyim to Molech and the anti-image of the Cabalistic tree of life, so cursing the Goyim to death as a blood sacrifice which brings the jews life and the holy land, both containing the divine spark the jews call Shekhinah, which is absent in the Goyim, who bear instead the seed of Sammael injected into Eve and passed on to the Goyim through the child of Satan and Eve, Cain, though the jews descend instead from Seth.

The jews really do have a sick, perverse, genocidal faith. It is all they live for, our death. Needless to say, sending the jews to live in Israel is a mistake that will be rewarded with nuclear holocaust as the jews try to clean up creation by genociding Goy life.