Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Presidential Election in the Ukraine Is Not Enough, Bid for a New Parliament

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It would be a mistake to leave blameless all those who have pimped the Ukraine, and place all blame solely on Viktor Yanukovych. It would also be a mistake to destroy valuable business and political relationships between the Ukraine, Russia and Western Europe by wiping out anyone who has had ties with these groups in the past merely because of those ties, which can be valuable for Ukrainain Nationalism.

I suggest focusing on sovereignty and economics, so that there is a sound basis for supporting nationalism, and circumventing gross foreign intervention.

If the old Parliament feels that it has served the Ukraine well, then it should not fear a new round of elections to give the people a sense of their power and confidence in a new elected government. Experience is needed to prevent a foreign takeover and many will be reelected. But there is also a need for new voices to speak in Parliament.

In the meanwhile, Parliament should refrain from any push for EU entanglements, and instead focus on providing public services until such time as a new government is elected. Hopefully, the Ukrainians will not step into the foreign aide trap being set for them.

It is vital for the people to insist that Parliament enact legislation which levels the playing fields for elections so that nationalists are entitled to participate in all debates and receive public funds for their campaigns. Media must be required to provide equal time to nationalists, and other campaign reforms must be enacted if Ukrainians hope to achieve national sovereignty as the prize for their noble and glorious sacrifice.

Elections are not free so long as the means for winning them is denied to nationalists. Plutocracy, demagoguery and the rise of a new host of puppets and jews will reemerge unless and until the political process provides for the equal and unfettered voice of nationalists.

Ensure that State funds for nationalists will at least match all the funds provided for others, and insist that foreign money be kept out of elections. Either that, or restrict all candidates to State funds and regulate media coverage to ensure equal access to the public.