Saturday, February 08, 2014

Both Putin and Nudelman (Victoria Nuland) Want to Steal the Ukraine for the Benefit of the Communist Chinese, NOT White Europeans

From Jewish Racism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In anticipation of World War III, Putin and the American jews are tag teaming the Ukraine in order to balkanize it, and, that failing, to win it over either to the EU, or Imperial Russia. The jews are engineering a Trans East-European Asian Union and want to take possession of the Ukraine in order to flood it with Chinese, who will use it as a base of operations to attack Western Europe and Pan-Turkey, as well as for the production of food for their massive population. The Red Chinese want to make the Ukraine a suburb of China and then claim all the territory in between the Ukraine and China, including Russia, whether it takes ten years, or a thousand years.

The imperial Russians poured into all nations of the Soviet Union and its satellites. They were extremely arrogant and would insist that the native populations speak Russian in the presence of Russians. If an office of twenty people consisted of 19 Latvians and 1 Russian, the entire office would be forced to speak Russian. The Russians heavily infiltrated the Ukraine and many remain there to this day. We should not excuse this Russian imperialism merely because it was jew driven and was based on the politics of communism. It was also clearly Russian, in that it sought demographic domination of foreign nations by Russians for Russian interests, and in that it deliberately imposed Russian culture and language on the conquered peoples for the benefit of Russian imperialism.

But what is taking place today is a little different. Russia is being sacrificed to Red China and is being used to reconstitute the Soviet Empire, not for the benefit of Imperial Russia, but for the benefit of Imperial Communist China, which seeks a foothold in Europe, a means to surround Islam, especially Pan-Turkey, and a source of food production most especially in the event of a third world war. The Red Chinese will do to Russia and East Europe what they are doing to America and Western Europe. The Communist Chinese will steal the industry, food, land, technology, universities, and raw materials of these nations, as they have done to us; and as they have treated us, the Red Chinese will give nothing back to these countries whom they instead will unilaterally exploit. Red China will bury Russia and with it all her imperial satellites.

The American jews hold the other end of the leash around Ukraine's neck. Aligning the Ukraine with the EU, or splitting it as happened to Poland, will also provide the opportunity for massive immigration into the Ukraine, and brain drain out of the Ukraine. For centuries, the jews have sought to draw the best minds out of Europe so as to diminish White genes and remove the wise men from Europe, as the Old Testament instructs the jews to destroy the wise of the Goyim. The jews dispersed the intelligent of Poland and France by ruining their empires and attacking their nations from abroad. The jews drew the intelligent out of Europe and spread Abrahamic monotheism around the World by promoting missionary work, which also served as an intelligence network. For centuries, the jews, through the Jesuits, Presbyterians, and others, have been infecting the Middle East and China with missionaries. All this is done to deplete the brain power of Europe and destroy the various cultures of Asia and Africa.

A good example of this is Pearl Buck, who, according to the research of Elizabeth Dilling, was a crypto Galician jew, said jews being among the sleaziest, dirtiest and most subversive of all the jews. [E. Dilling, The Octopus, The Sons of Liberty, Metairie, Louisianai, (1940/1986), p. 147.] Buck was a Christian missionary in China, who sought to promote the adoption of Chinese children in the West and America. Buck also worked against White interests in America in several other ways, which resulted in the mess in which we find ourselves today.

Just as the jews exploded the Middle East and Africa in part to drive Muslims into Europe and America, they are imploding the Ukraine to drive out the best Ukrainians and bring in hordes of Chinese and other Asians, as well as Africans. This will happen under the EU and it will happen under Putin. Either way, the result will be the same for the Ukraine, the loss of its sovereignty and a strong demographic shift against its national existence. The communist jews openly avowed this was their plan for the Ukraine, Russia and all of Europe and America, long ago.

When the jews drive out the leaders and intelligencia of a nation, they destroy that nation and its future. They also create intelligent minorities in other countries who see it as their duty to erode the sovereignty of those other nations in their own best interests. For example, should the jews succeed in causing the brightest and best White Americans to flee America, they will weaken America, while concurrently creating subversive colonies in other nations that erode the sovereignty and independence of those nations. The net effect is to promote miscegenation and internationalism.

The jews create empires in order to destroy national sovereignty and promote miscegenation, and then the jews pit empires against each other in the name of national sovereignty in order to create world wars, wars which drive out the best citizens of the nations and races under attack, place the best males in military conscription in the prime age of breeding, and destroy the ancient architecture and historical landmarks of the nations thereby weakening the link between peoples and their ancestors. As was the case in postwar Germany, the jews encouraged the Soviet, primarily Russian, soldiers to rape millions of German females of all ages, rapes which continued throughout the Soviet Empire. Having known both West and East Germans quite well, I am able to report that they were very different peoples from one another, and this divergence occurred in the short span of less than fifty years. Think of the effect over the course of centuries. Within the short span of my lifetime, immigration and media have had a tremendously bad impact on American culture. I cannot imagine what ruin another fifty years of it would bring.

Jews hate Russians and Ukrainians with a passion that exceeds mere evil. The concept of evil does capture the destructive and grossly abnormal nature of jewry. The jews transcend basic evil and have descended into a still lower level of existence by tunneling through the boundaries of sanity and decency inscribed in human DNA into a subhuman and antihuman dimension all their own. It is no wonder they feel an affinity with snakes, for they have nothing but shades of appearance in common with humans. And their diabolical plans are rolled up in a torah scroll to which they bob and drool with blood lust for all human life.

Do not expect the planned destruction of the Ukraine, should it come, to profit either Russia or the EU. Instead, the Red Chinese will gain and the entire White World will lose.

If, however, the Ukrainian nationalists succeed in gaining independence from the jews, it will be a victory for Whites and a loss for the jews and communists. Rather than being a source of agitation between West and East Europe, it could become a source of stability and a cap of containment of the Muslim and Chinese invasion of Europe over the Black Sea. Like Russia and America, the Ukraine has the natural resources it needs to prosper. What it lacks is independent leadership and a sovereign governmental and business structure designed for the benefit of the Ukrainian Nation and the Ukrainian People. Given such a mechanism for guaranteed success, there is every reason to expect that the Ukraine can quickly grow its economy and provide for its people on a full level of Autarky within five years time.

Ukrainian nationalists should make known their requirements so that we can help them formulate a national structure to make the Ukraine prosper. There should be much more dialogue not centered around Putin or the EU, but instead the Ukraine itself. The Ukrainians need plans and policies for success. They have the land and the resources. Now they need the material, financial and intellectual capital necessary to put the machine in motion. We should not waste so much time arguing over whether the EU or Putin is better for the Ukraine. We should instead devote more time to making Ukrainian Nationalism a success and cease to internationalize by default to the EU or jew puppet Putin.