Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Commonalities Between the Contrived Anti-American and Anti-European KGB Putin Worship, and the "White Privilege" Campaign

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Is there already a recognized term for the psychological manipulation of a target group to render it self hating and suicidal? It is amazing to me, that some of the same people who are rightfully outraged by the "White Privilege" campaign to stigmatize Whites and have them work against their own best self interests, glorify our enemy KGB Putin and attack America and Europe in the name of defending Whites.

I see these two entirely contrived campaigns as being very similar. What I am having difficulty understanding is why anyone wise and opposed to the "White Privilege" propaganda would piddle on America and Europe and call for our ruin and the rise of KGB Putin and Red China. What distinguishes them from the fools who piddle on Whites and paint their own faces to humiliate and demean us? How is crudding on the American flag, calling America Jewmerica, and other such self destructive behavior any different from those Whites who voluntarily embrace the "White Privilege" campaign?

What bastard children is this international national miscegenation intended to produce? How is a libertarian, White Nationalist or antizionist website posting homoerotic photos of KGB Putin and calling on Americans and Europeans to denounce America and Europe and sing the praises of Putin and Red China, any different from Hollywood promoting White and Black miscegenation?