Monday, February 24, 2014

Disloyalty Demographics and How the Ukrainian Nationalists Can Use Them to Their Advantage

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If the EU disloyalists and the Putin disloyalists vote a party line, the Ukrainian Nationalists should easily garner a national majority. Putin's fifth column should be employed to neutralize the votes of EU disloyalists and ensure the victory of the Nationalists.

I do not know how the voting in the Ukraine will be districted, but the Nationalists would do well to have their voices heard in the negotiations to map districts and to favor their vote with their feet, if need be. They should also attempt to repatriate real Ukrainians and move them into areas so as to counter the Kaganovich/Stalin plan to genocide the Ukrainians with Russians and other foreigners. Disloyal Russians can be rendered demographically politically irrelevant with a few moves on the political chessboard/map.

Also, a few deals with EU disloyalists and Putin fifth columnists to win even a small portion of the vote from each, would certainly clinch victory for the Nationalists. Let the EU lovers and Putin's fifth column do as much damage to one another as they can, while the Nationalists remain united and firm.

Russians from the Soviet Empire who invaded other countries, held a very privileged position. They won't give that up easily. They see it as an advantage to be Russian and continue to believe that all Slavs view Russians as their guardian big brothers. That myth is now broken.

Whites will be stronger worldwide if we can free the Russkis from Putin and replace cruel and cold Russian arrogance with Russian noblesse oblige. Ukraine provides the model and the example. Let us hope that White Russians follow the Ukrainians' lead for a change. Sometimes little brother finds the right path home through the brush and thicket.