Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ein Volk - ein Reich - ein Führer! Anschluss! Russian Hypocrisy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin's media are frantic to alarm Russians with the propaganda that the Ukraine has been taken over by Nazis. Ironically, and by bolshevik design, the Russians are themselves employing Nazi sloganeering in a quest to steal Ukrainian land.

The National Socialists used NLP when they invaded Austria and other territory on the pretext of Ein Volk - ein Reich - ein Führer! or, "One People - one Empire - one Leader!" Why not add, "one Toilet - one Very Long Line Waiting to Use One Toilet, etc." ? The Nazis filled the streets with banners displaying this mindmess message. The Russian media and government are now employing this famous Nazi tactic of declaring "One People - one Empire - one Leader" in a quest for more land they do not need for a population they do not have.

This is a part of a very old bolshevik genocidal expansionist strategy. The bolsheviks genocided tens of millions of nationals from every country they overtook, and then trucked and railroaded in tens of millions of Russians as slave masters and invaders into those same nations. These Russkis remain, as part of the bolshevist plan to destroy the national sovereignty of all nations on earth.

Like socialist emperor Adolf Hitler, bolshevist Putin is now fulfilling the bolshevist plan to make use of these genocides to grow the bolshevist Russian empire which has no need of land, and retake the lands the bolshevists destroyed.

How long will it be before the Russian media and government cry out that ethnic Russians the bolshevists planted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are in danger, and that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are a part of the Russian empire which must be led by Putin and populated only with Russians, because the Russians who are dying out need more land than that they already cannot use? How long will it be before bolshevist Putin declares that he must save the Russian jews of America and engage in an Anschluss of the USA, with Ron and Rand Paul cheering him on?