Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gestapo–NKVD Conferences, BLOODLANDS Redux, and Other Parallels to the Situation in the Ukraine

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The socialist Nazi empire colluded with the socialist Soviet Union empire to grind up Eastern Europe and leave it a Marxist wasteland following WW II. Jew zionist Eichmann's from both the Nazis and the Soviets met to discuss their destruction of Polish Catholics in the Gestapo-NKVD Conferences, which followed the Nazi Soviet collaboration to mass murder Poland in the the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

Today, Putin and Merkel are in contact discussing the fate of the Ukraine behind the Ukrianians' backs. History reveals that the hidden hand pulling these puppets' strings is the international jew, as it was in the thirties and forties.

Timothy Snyder discussed the similarities of the Nazis and the Soviets in his book Bloodlands, which recounts some of the horrors these empires inflicted upon Eastern Europeans, but which failed to capture the true magnitude of the slaughter of Eastern Europe, nor did Snyder name the jews ultimately behind it. He did, however, speak to the issue of how these two bolshevik empires ground up and spit out Eastern Europe. I would add that part of the plan was to create a zionist jewish empire in Poland and then move the jews to Palestine.

The blood is again flowing in the Ukraine. Foreign jew puppets are again deciding the fate of the Ukrainians. And again, media and politicians are ignoring the fact that the jews are controlling both sides to rip apart an Eastern European nation and plunder its wealth.

The bolsheviks betrayed the Ukranians and slaughtered 11 million Ukrainians. Then the Nazis betrayed the Ukrainians and added millions more dead. Let us hope that the parallels end before any new such millions of graves are filled.