Thursday, February 27, 2014

Has Anyone Ever Noticed How Really Big Russia Is?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russia is a big place. They really don't need more space. The Lebensraum argument for stealing more land from the Ukraine, than Russia has already stolen from many nations, just doesn't make sense. KGB Putin is even calling on Russians to breed more to try to fill up all that unused space Russia already has.

But Putin is speaking in code as he usually does. He means he wants the Muslims and other aliens he is importing into Moscow to breed more, as they famously do, and breed out the Whites.

Now the bolshevik fifth column in the USA, headed by libertarians, with Ron and Rand Paul as their most politically connected cheerleaders, now the bolshevik fifth column in America of libertarians, White Nationalists and antizionists, are calling for KBG Putin to add still more stolen land to Russia because its dying population must need more land than the land it already cannot use.

Since, so say they, Putin is the father of the Slavs, and they want Whites in control of Slavic countries, why don't they propose a trade, instead of the outright theft of Ukrainian territory. Why not trade Moscow and European Russia, which Putin is deliberately filling up with non-Whites, to the Ukraine for the Crimea, which Putin wants to Russify so that he can fill it up with non-Whites. That way, the Rus can move back into Moscow and keep Kiev, and KGB Putin and his fifth column of paid propagandists and vocal traitors in the USA can feel good about destroying just a little bit more of Europe, because those Russian imperialists just don't ever have enough land for their dying population, so they have to steal more land and fill it with non-Whites.