Saturday, February 08, 2014

Here Comes Shlomo Cottontail Hoppin Down the Hebrew Trail, Hippity Hoppity Greater Israel's on Its Way Today

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews are going to artificially manufacture fertility wars, so that they can enact legislation mandating that the only means of reproducing for Gentiles will be by way of surrogate mothers, which will enable the jews to breed like rabbits. The jews are deliberately making Whites infertile and creating a real basis for artificial breeding exclusively by means of surrogate mothers. They will do the same to Asians and all others.

At the same time, the jews are destroying the nations of Greater Israel so as to lay claim to the territory for themselves. Crypto-jews deny that the jews are doing this and ask that we contemplate the fact that the jews do not currently have a large enough population to successfully occupy these lands.

I suspect the jews plan to use Asians as surrogate mothers for jew babies to the tune of millions of jews per annum. The mantra of race not mattering will become the mantra of birth origin not mattering, and soon that will change to only the jews procreating and exponentially expanding their populations by means of surrogate mothers. Jews have the money, and birth will become a business regulated by the jews.

There is more to the growing infertility of Whites than meets the eye. The jews are planning to grow their numbers, while genociding Whites and blurring the races by browning them in birthing ovens which will only maintain and increase the "purity" of the jews while eradicating all others through miscegenation and extinction. Such will be the oxymoronic artificial nature of the jew world order.

Do you want to organize to fight them politically, or do you want to die out?