Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Wonder When the Jews and Putin Are Going to Start Taking Down Russia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews have aligned Russia with a slew of failed and failing States, which the jews want to destroy. Putin has played the role of good cop to these nations, but has always done too little too late to rescue them from the jews for whom he works.

I suspect the ultimate ploy in this game will be the fall of Russia itself to balkanization, civil war and foreign incursion. It seems that when the jews want to take down Russia, they do so from within the empire. The fires of chaos that Putin is helping to create are coming closer and closer to Moscow. It could be the endgame for Russia is Putin's betrayal of the nation to itself and internal conflict, followed by balkanization and then foreign intervention.

It would be far better if patriotic Russians shunned puppet Putin in favor of the White nations of the West. White united with a military alliance to protect us from all other races would dominate the World. We have the nuclear weapons and we produce the food.

Putin, like his bolshevik predecessors, has turned against Whites and the West, in favor of the Asiatic jews and Chinese. I suspect the jews are going to start imploding Russia in the near future, and move China into the Ukraine and other parts of Europe. The jews want Asia and Africa to expand into Europe, not Europe to dominate Asia. This fact seals Russia's fate under traitorous Putin.