Sunday, February 09, 2014

Jew Voodoo Part 2: Lilith, Pornography, Abortion, Homosexuals and Pedophilia as a Cabalistic Lebensborn Program for the Birth of an Army of Demons

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews believe in a demon seductress who visits men in the night to seduce them and uses their semen to birth demons. Her name is Lilith. Lilith bred with Adam to produce demons. She stalks and murders young children. She is the wife of Samael, and is represented in Christianity as the Virgin Mary, with Jesus personifying Samael.

I suspect the jews desire to feed Lilith the seed she desires to produce an army of demons of various classes with which to attack mankind. I suspect the jews believe that wet dreams, masturbation, gay sex and pedophilia each produce a different class of demons as the offspring of Lilith. I suspect they also believe that abortion serves as a means of child sacrifice to Lilith. Furthermore, I suspect that the jews believe that gays and pedophiles unknowingly work for Lilith to provide her with seed with which to birth a special class of demons.

Moses Hess declared that the jewish people would become their own messiah. They have also become their own Lilith, or at least her knowing agent. The jews are producing and promoting pornography, homosexuality and pedophilia in order to feed Lilith seed to birth demons. The jews are engaging in and promoting abortion to feed Lilith human child sacrifices.

It is a mistake to interpret jewish behavior in a vacuum of ignorance of judaism. Understanding judaism clarifies much that the jews do.

It is also important to recognize the secular results of the actions of the jews, which in the instant case produce White genocide. Religion, perversion and pragmatism are one in the same for the jews.