Monday, February 10, 2014

Jew Voodoo Part 3: Sarah Silverman and Jesus Christ = Lilith and Samael

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The following video depicting Sarah Silverman and Jesus Christ sponsoring abortion, knowingly or unknowingly employs strong cabalistic symbolism to depict Lilith and Samael promoting child murder and masturbation:


In jewish religious mythology, Lilith is married to Satan, Samael, Jesus. Lilith stalks men in the night to seduce them and capture their sperm when they have wet dreams or masturbate. She uses this human sperm to breed demons, given that Samael/Jesus/Satan was castrated to prevent the birth of too many demons and ghosts. Lilith also comes to small children and murders them.

Silverman's character in this propaganda makes a perfect Lilith wedded to Satan, Jesus. I wonder if this is an accident?

The early Christian gnostics were abortionists and ate their own semen and aborted fetuses so as to prevent the capturing of a soul in the evil world of creation. Was all of this unknown to the producers of this propaganda?