Sunday, February 09, 2014

Jew Voodoo, Psychological Warfare in the Phony Libertarian, Antizionist and White Nationalist Movements, and Other Strange Problems

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews want to kill Western Civilization. They have for a long time. One of their first successes was to kill off the gods of the Greeks and Romans with Christianity. When the gods of the Greeks and the Romans died, so did their glorious civilizations, plunging the ancient World and Europe into darkness until the Renaissance which awoke Europe to its ancient roots. Christianity was a disaster and it was only by rediscovering Europe that Europeans escaped Christianity's dogmatic jewish chains.

The jews employ a cabalistic ritual generally referred to as "the killing of the king." They also teach it to freemasons and other revolutionaries. The ritual did not originate with jews, but the jews employ it against others, while for other nations it was a domestic affair.

The mystical rite of the jews' killing of the king basically comes down to nihilism and emasculation, the destruction of the paternal leader to make room for the rise of a new power and a new order. The jews are in the process of killing the king of Western Civilization in order to empower the Chinese to take over the World as their new host.

The jews are ridiculing our leaders in the West and promoting Putin as if a macho hero. He is a rather clownish little tyrant, but that doesn't stop the jews from marketing him as if a James Bond action figure. The jews are also promoting communist China's Xi Jinping as if he were Jack Kennedy.

The jews have Putin gayly and indignantly bashing homosexuals at the same time that they have the West absurdly promoting homosexuality as if the perversion were something worthy of glorification. This is a part of the jews' process of killing the king of Western Civilization in order to raise an Asian kingdom in China. The jews also hope that perverting Western Civilization will cause their god to destroy it, as their god supposedly destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Ironically, the jews undress puny Putin to inspire a form of homosexual adoration in those so stupid as to hero worship the phony little clown.

For quite some time, the libertarians, White Nationalist and antizionist phonies have been trying to demoralize American patriots and turn them against America and towards a nihilistic revolution that will afford the jews the opportunity to undo the American experiment in White freedom and White supremacy, and to completely balkanize and destroy everything that is fundamentally American and White. They are closet bolsheviks doing the jews' dirty work in demoralizing American dissidents and turning them into enemies of their own people and assets of our enemies in Asia and Israel.

Now, the jews through their phony libertarian, White Nationalist and antizionist fronts are going full tilt to demoralize not only American Whites, but European Whites as well, and Western Civilization in general. They are no longer merely openly anti-American, they are now openly bashing Western Europe and Western Civilization, and using the thread bare communist phrase of "Western imperialists" to attack us. They are calling us Jewmerica and equating White Western Europe with the evil empire of the EU that is working to destroy White Western Europe.

Concurrently, these phony libertarians, White Nationalists and antizionists are glorifying the jew puppets Putin and Xi Jinping as if the saviors of Whites, while absurdly calling for the destruction of America and Western Europe as if that would save America and Western Europe. The jews are clearly trying to mind mess you. The jews want you to kill the king of Western Civilization, first in your minds, then in your streets. They want you to not only embrace their desire to empower our enemies, but to actively help the jews destroy America and Western Europe and hand all of Eastern Europe over to Putin and the Chinese, as well as surrendering Japan, Taiwan and South Korea to the communists.

Have none of you wondered why there is no political effort to oust the jews from power among the libertarians, White Nationalist and antizionist phonies? It is because they, the jewish imposters, want to disenfranchise you and use you to destroy America and Western Europe and save their puppets Putin and Jinping the trouble of genociding your race and wiping your nations off the map.

Just as the jews kill your kings on Earth, they kill your gods in the heavens to make room for the imperial rule of their tribal god in the heavens, as above, so below. The jews base the kingdoms of the Goyim on the planets, and so to the gods of the Goyim. By killing your gods, you kill yourselves, as happened to the Romans and Greeks of old. The new gods of modern man are sexuality and money, and the jews want you to kill your heterosexuality and your dollars, in exchange for the perversions of gold and gays.