Wednesday, February 26, 2014

KGB Putin Is Rattling His Sabre to Drive the Ukraine into the EU: The Kosher Carrot and the Bitter Bagel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Bolshevik puppet Putin is playing war games to threaten the Nationalists in the Ukraine. But he is not doing this to drive the Ukraine away from the EU, but rather to force them into it.

Threatening war, as opposed to invading, has the effect of making Ukrainians hate the Russian imperialists even more than they already do, and to make them defensive and in search of allies and aid. Putin's jewish masters know this. The jews are using Putin to drive the Ukrainians into the hands of the EU and away from Nationalism.

Putin is only threatening the Nationalists, in a failed attempt to make them appear to be dangerous to average Ukrainians. Putin is warning the Nationalists that if they persist, he will agitate the disloyal Russian fifth column Ukrainian genocidalists to attack and provide a pretext for a Russian invasion. Of course, KGB Putin knows all on his own how to stage a false flag attack on his own fifth column, or how to make it appear that Ukrainians in Russia have engaged in terrorism. Indeed, Putin has just recently sent teams of false flag terrorists into the Urkaine, posing as if regular Russian military.

At the same time, Obama and the EU are offering aid and support, if the Ukraine will abandon its sovereignty and sign on to unpayable usurious debts. It is an extortion racket on an international scale, and Putin is providing the threats, and the EU is demanding protection money in the form of debt and lost sovereignty. But please be clear that Putin is not trying to drive the Ukraine to again vote for a pro-Russian government, but is instead aiming them at the EU and away from Nationalism, with aggressive violent threats.

This is turning into a dangerous game for the jew mafia. It could blow up in the face of the EU and Putin. If Nationalists across Europe and Asia cry foul at this threat of WW III and say hands off the Ukraine or we will do to you what has happened there, then the stakes are significantly raised. Moscow is only one Molotov cocktail away from becoming the next Kiev.

Already, the Baltic nations, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, East Germans, etc. etc. etc. are being reminded of genocidal Russian imperialism. The Russians were vicious in these countries and settled large populations of Russians, who acted as slave masters. Women always lived in fear of rapes from Russians, especially soldiers, and I have heard from people who lived in these nations that the Russians were incredibly arrogant and always received favored treatment. They rarely learned the native tongue and always insisted that Russian be spoken in their presence, no matter if there were 100 non-Russians and only one Russian, or the reverse.

That resentment has not abated. Putin and his jew crew are also relentlessly robbing Russia and other nations of their wealth and filling jew banks with the loot. Putin is selling out Russia to Red China and filling Moscow with aliens. All of this threatens to blow up in KGB Putin's face, and if he invades the Ukraine he will himself light the fuse.

This is all happening very quickly with the intent of establishing and maintaining the current Parliament as the authoritative power in the Ukraine, despite the fact that it has already been overthrown. Putin is providing the outside pressure on the Ukrainians to look to this overthrown Parliament as if their government, and the EU and Obama are offering the incentive/bribe to take the deal before it is withdrawn. As I said, it is an extortion racket.