Friday, February 28, 2014

KGB Putin, KGB "Antisemites", Vladimir Lukin and Dmitry Yarosh

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

While watching the snipers pick off heroic protesters in the Ukraine, I kept asking myself why the Berkut guarding the President of the Ukraine did not set up at least two belt fed medium machine guns and hit the protestors with a cross fire that would have immediately wiped them out. It would also have been very easy to round the protesters up with busses and riot police. The military would have had a very easy time ending the protests.

The pieces of the puzzle are starting to gel and it appears that Putin and the KGB were up to their old tricks of setting up an antisemite bogey man to legitimize the balkanization of the Ukraine into the EU in the West, and Russia in the East. Recall that the KGB had previously used the jew antisemite Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Eidelstein) as such a stooge and controlled opposition agent. I warned the Armenians about this back in 2010:

Heads Up Armenians! April 23, 2010

It is significant to note that the Russians did not sign on as witnesses to the multinational agreement reached to settle the crisis in the Ukraine, which would have enabled Viktor Yanukovych to remain as President of the Ukraine until new elections were reached. According to this source, one of the reasons why the Russian Vladimir Lukin would not witness the agreement was that it left out Dmitry Yarosh, head of the supposedly Nationalist "Private Sector" movement:

Maidan is not satisfied with the new government in Kiev and Kremlin considers Dmitry Yarosh to be the real ruler of Ukraine

Yarosh is from the East of Ukraine. He has many ties to Russians and has since been offered a government post.

Yarosh is the poster child of the Russian press, Putin's press. He serves to paint the revolution as a fascist movement, scaring Russians who suffered horrific losses from the Nazi invasion of Russia, and Ukraine. Yarosh is being used to drive the Crimea into Russia's hands, and he was used to put the pro-EU forces in power in the West.

Former President Yanukovych has revealed that he fled due to death threats, not coup attempts. These threats were probably orchestrated by the KGB, and Yanukovych has declared that he is puzzled that Putin is ignoring him. Putin wants him dead and planned the coup that ousted him.

Putin appears to be behind Yarosh. It is looking like Yarosh is some sort of new Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and he has served to polarize the Ukraine, and has brought about the coup which enabled Putin to divide the Ukraine and prevent a political process of true Nationalistic reform.

The Berkut appear to continue to be an arm of the KGB. Not only did they provide the illusion of resistence to the coup, which was naught but token, not only were they received with a hero's welcome in East Ukraine after what appeared on the face of it to have been an utter failure to protect the President, Putin is now issuing them Russian passports as a reward for their apparent failure, which was mission accomplished.

The KGB is alive and well in Russia. It serves jewry as it always has. It works in close collaboration with the EU, and note that Merkel of communist East Germany is always in close contact with Putin.

I have been very careful to always refer to Ukrainian Nationalists and not advocate for any leader or party, having smelt a Russian rat and a balkanization pact in all of this from the beginning. As new facts and situations emerge, it is becoming increasingly evident that Putin and the EU orchestrated this entire affair together from the beginning. Will it serve as a model for other Eastern European nations once under the Soviet sphere of influence? Will it serve to crush any future hopes of Nationalism in Europe as there appears to be no way out?

Let us hope that the Ukrainian Nationalists prevail and let us continue to support their struggle in its principles. KGB agents can be deposed as easily as KGB Presidents.

It should be clear to all how effective the propaganda machine for Putin has been all over the world. The KGB is alive and well and it is an arm of the international jews who want to turn Americans against America in favor of KGB Putin and Red China.

We in America must seize upon this opportunity to enlighten our People that the communists are on the attack and have infiltrated our political process and media including our dissident movements and press. They are highly organized and are flooding the comments sections of the news with anti-American Putin propaganda. We must fight back as Obama and Hagel are gutting our national defense. Note that the same clowns who told us Hagel would save us from the jews are telling us Putin will save us from the jews.

We need a viable candidate for President of the United States in 2016. We need to beware of the Aleph masquerading as the Hakenkreuz. The jews love to use Nazis for their purposes and it was for their purposes that Nazism arose to power. It served them well in the Ukraine, when the Nazis imprisoned Ukrainian Nationalist Stepan Bandera.