Tuesday, February 25, 2014

KGB Putin Revives Militaristic Bolshevik Genocidal Imperialist Aggression Against Ukrainians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dr. David Duke aptly described the Bolshevik plan to genocide the Ukrainians. Duke wrote,

"It can be seen in the ethnic genocide against the Ukrainians. The Jewish Bolsheviks purposefully murdered them to reduce their numbers, and then flooded their country with non-Ukrainians to destroy their national/ethnic unity (See: Holodomor chapter). Rapael Lemkin, father of the word genocide, wrote this in his article 'Soviet Genocide in Ukraine.'

The fourth step in the process [genocide] consisted in the fragmentation of the Ukrainian people at once by the addition to the Ukraine of foreign peoples. . . In this way, ethnic unity would be destroyed and nationalities mixed. Between 1920 and 1939, the population of Ukraine changed from 80% Ukrainian to only 63%. . .4

The Soviet Archives in Moscow has this revealing statement from a Bolshevik leader in Ukraine showing the genocide there was to break their ethnic unity in opposition to Bolshevik rule.

'Famine in Ukraine was brought on to decrease the number of Ukrainians, replace the dead with people from other parts of the USSR, and thereby to kill the slightest thought of any Ukrainian independence.'5"--Dr. David Duke, The Secret Behind Communism, Free Speech Press, (2013), p. 8.

Compare the genocidal imperialism of the Soviet bolsheviks, and their genocidal stand against Ukrainian Nationalism, with that of Putin's criminal imperial regime. The Washington Post quotes Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov as follows:

"Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, tweeted Tuesday, 'We want to curtail the influence of radicals and nationalists who are trying to play first fiddle in Ukraine.'"In Ukraine, objections from Maidan slow naming of new cabinet By Will Englund, 25 February 2014.

The BBC quotes Lavrov as follows:

"Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: 'We want Ukraine to be part of the European family in every sense of the word'

'It is dangerous and counter-productive to try to force on Ukraine a choice according to the principle of either being with us or against us,' he said.

Mr Lavrov added that 'it is in our interest for Ukraine to be part of the broad European family' but against Russia's interest to 'allow the radicals and nationalists who are clearly trying to take centre stage to prevail.'"--25 February 2014 Turchynov warns of 'separatism' risk

Putin is a jew puppet perpetuating the jewish desire to destroy Ukrainian Nationalism for all time, and with it the Ukrainian People and the White Race.

We had better take heed of what is occurring in the Ukraine, and consider the massive numbers of Mexicans and other illegal invaders on our soil. We must become active in American presidential politics and field a candidate. Time is running out. Consider how much we have lost during eight years of Obama.