Sunday, February 16, 2014

On the Communist Subversion of White Nationalist and Anti-Zionist Media

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews have carefully cultivated the White Nationalist and anti-zionist movements to become anti-political anti-Western propaganda outlets for Putin and communist China. The supposed "movements" are nothing more than bitch fests leading nowhere, and a news service for the communists who effectively issue memos to the many White Nationalist and anti-zionist news websites that all put a pro-communist, pro-Putin, pro-communist and anti-American, anti-Western Europe, anti-Japanese, anti-Taiwanese, anti-South Korean spin on the news.

The socialists/communists masquerading as if authentic White Nationalists call themselves "fascists" and "anti-zionists" instead of what they really are, an organized news service and propaganda outlet for the communist jews, which attempts to subvert Western civilization and implant anti-Western sentiment and communist ideology in America and Western Europe. In the name of Nazism, they want you waving communist Chinese flags, and worshiping anti-White, anti-American, anti-European, pro-jew, pro-Asian, pro-internationalist, pro-immigration, KGB Putin.

This subversion is not new. The jews married libertarianism to White Nationalism and anti-zionism long ago, and had Whites worshiping gold and jew puppet Ron Paul for the benefit of the jew. They turned Whites against America.

But this totally anti-Western message is something new to White Nationalism and anti-zionism. The mask has come completely off as the jews are waging total war on the White race. The jews want Americans to become enemies of freedom and friends of communism beyond even the stalking horse of National Socialism. The jews want Americans and Western Europeans to hate themselves and cheer on their enemies Putin and Red China. It is chutzpah gone wild.

Thankfully, there are many voices who aren't buying the jew commie bs being fed them. Make note of who is peddling the anti-Western poison. They are chameleons and will change the colors of their front flags to suit the many villainies of jewry, but their true flag is commie red.

It is long past time we organize politically and not content ourselves with jew spun news websites which only serve to subvert our morale and profit our communist enemies. Entertainment is no substitute for action. The fact that White Nationalism and anti-zionism have resolved themselves into entertainment and anti-political action, proves that they are jewish subversions meant to buy time for the communists to do their dirty work genociding Whites.