Sunday, February 23, 2014

Prepare a Parallel Government in the Event Free and Fair Elections Are not Secured by Parliament

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ukrainian Nationalists should call for election reforms aimed at leveling the playing field with the traitors and disloyalists, but they should also not depend on them. Ukrainian Nationalists should concurrently develop the government they plan to implement if elected and put it into practice as a necessary replacement should the Parliament and foreign interests succeed in undermining the Ukraine's national sovereignty.

I would suggest both real world and ideological development. Start hospitals, food handouts, police services, courts, infrastructure maintenance and development, etc. Practical things which touch the people on a daily basis and improve their lives in meaningful and immediate ways.

At the same time and in tandem with these mechanistic functions of government, build up a constitution and party platform, which guarantees Ukrainian sovereignty and forms a basis for relative Autarky and the economic success of the Ukrainian People. Also, build up your diplomatic corps to engage foreign nations not as enemies, but on a basis of mutual respect. Engage in dialogue, engage period. This demonstrates your ability to lead.