Friday, February 28, 2014

Putin Sends in the Clowns, Protests Western Culture with. . . Western Culture

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Vlad the Impaled is trying to rescue his Russki cabooski, which is regularly skewered by his jewish buddies, and build up his phony macho image for his gay fans, by sending a group of Harley riding bikers through the Ukraine to protest the Ukraine aligning with the West over Asiatics. That's right, Putin the circus clown is protesting Western culture by mimicking it.

The Ukrainians should hand out big macs and American flags to the Russki bikers as they pass by, as phony, pretentious and ridiculous as Putin the clown. The bikers should hitch up with "Pussy Riot" as they pretend to teach the Ukrainians about the value of Russian culture on their Harley-Davidsons dressed up like Americans. The Ukrainians could escort them on BMW R75's sporting MG-42's, all in good fun, of course.

Putin's 'biker brothers' to roar across Ukraine as gunmen seize country's airports