Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Putin Was in on It from the Beginning, Consternation and Fear as Nationalists Vie for Power Over Their Own Nation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov again made clear that Putin wants the Ukraine in the EU, but is worried that the nationalists are going to spoil the plans of the jews who pull his strings and prop up his criminal regime. The Washington Post quotes Lavrov as follows:

"Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, tweeted Tuesday, 'We want to curtail the influence of radicals and nationalists who are trying to play first fiddle in Ukraine.'"In Ukraine, objections from Maidan slow naming of new cabinet By Will Englund, 25 February 2014.

It appears that Putin was in on the revolution and hoped the Ukraine would become a member of the EU. The Putin regime, which rapes Russia and several other nations, enriching jew oligarchs at the expense of White Russians, is only disappointed that nationalists are taking over their own country, after centuries of jewish genocide. Putin was in favor of the EU taking over the Ukraine.

A nationalist victory in the Ukraine would be much better for Russia, than the Ukraine entering the EU, but it would end the jews' plans to place the Ukraine in debt slavery and flood it with immigrants from China and elsewhere.

We should all be throwing the Holodomor and the demographic genocidal Russian/jewish attack on the Ukraine in Putin's face. Ethnic Russians exist in the Ukraine as the result of their attempt to genocide the Ukrainians. Mother Russia's treacherous fifth column bastard child in the Ukraine has no right to steal the Ukraine and hand it over to Russia. Russians and jews have stolen enough from the Ukraine. It is time for them to leave the Ukrainians in peace, and chase Putin and his jews out of Russia. They will be far better off doing that, then again engaging in genocidal imperialism.