Sunday, February 02, 2014

Reflections on the Swastika: Jews Are the Problem, White Empowerment Is the Solution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Nothing says jews are the problem, White empowerment is the solution, quite like the swastika. It is a meaningful, concise and unmistakable symbol. I suspect that is why the multiculti Nazis seek to coopt it and use it as a weapon to weaken White power and convert National Socialism into miscegenistic international communism.

Consider the overly simplistic model of Constitutional America and National Socialist Germany with each composed of three primary elements populace, party ideology and leadership. The populace in both movements were Whites largely ultimately of Germanic stock. They understood the importance of hard work. The party ideologies of both movements shared many common principles. Both insisted that only Whites be allowed citizenship. Both employed slave labor. Both struggled for independence from international jewish bankers. The most significant difference was that Americans distrusted tyranny and loathed dictatorship and crafted their Constitution to create a division of powers with checks and balances in order to, among other things, prevent any rash and counterproductive measures by the President or Congress.

Germany, on the other hand, was founded on Monarchy and fell back into it in the form of National Socialist dictatorship just as did Soviet Russia. Germany had its new emperor (Kaiser) in Hitler, and Russia had its emperors (czars) in Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin; and so they to some extent followed the old late Roman system and political culture, with its strengths and its weaknesses. Hitler embodied the party, the nation, the government and the Volk in one man; and betrayed them all to imperial ambition, war and inevitable defeat that empowered the communists and anti-Whites. As Rudolf Hess stated, "Die Partei ist Hitler. Hitler aber ist Deutschland, wie Deutschland Hitler ist! Hitler! Sieg Heil!"

It is good that people are reading Mein Kampf. I hope that they can separate National Socialist party ideology from the dictator who led Germany into horrible defeat and helped the communists take over Eastern Europe, including a large chunk of Germany. Hitler also conditioned Europe for the jews European Union spearheaded by puppet Adenauer (Hans Globke) and De Gaulle. Most significantly, Hitler pursued and fulfilled jewish messianic prophecy by helping the jews to segregate, "purify" and ingather their tribe in Palestine, while concurrently bringing about apocalyptic war and global empire.

Mein Kampf lacks Hitler's jewish messianic policies and contains much that is useful. But National Socialism remains a poor substitute for Americanism as a political system that frees and empowers Whites, with one exception, the pre-zionist NSDAP ideology and the populace of National Socialist Germany were very jew wise, and this is largely lacking in original Americanism.

I suggest we take from National Socialism its political process of awakening the masses to the jewish problem; and drop entirely its zionism, blind worship of a messianic dictator figure, its 1,000 year empire (Reich) and all the other of its jewish messianic elements. We should NOT segregate and nationalize jewry. We should instead utterly defeat them. This is the tell for me that those donning the Hakenkreuz in a leadership role are almost always working for the jews. They generally focus more on attacking Blacks than jews, and advocate zionist policies and promote hero worship favorable to the jews. They devote more time and energy to fighting each other than battling jewry. They demean and seek to destroy America and demoralize Americans, leaving us ripe for communist revolution.

I can understand why many look upon the swastika with awe and reverence, because to them it clearly, succinctly and unmistakably symbolizes the fact that the jews are the problem, and White empowerment is the solution. It would be helpful if we could rectify the deficiency among the Founding Fathers of America to directly and in certain terms address the jewish problem and do so without demoralizing our own society. The bald eagle is a beautiful symbol of America as a White nation. I suggest we start to emphasize the greatness of our nation and our national symbols, rather than pretend to be National Socialist Germans, Romans, or any of the other societies that failed to solve the jewish problem, in no small part because they relied upon imperial dictators who were in the service of the jews.

To those attached to the swastika, I can understand your feelings. I only ask that you be ever wary of its zionist attachments. The jews seek an ingathering at this time and they will use you to gin up world war, global revolution and the expulsion of the jews to Palestine, none of which will empower Whites or defeat the jews.