Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Russian Casualties in World Wars Versus American Casualties

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As jews around the world try to hype Russia into a war by claiming that your strategic position is vastly superior to that of the United States, take a brief look at the casualty statics from the world wars.

In WW I, the Russian Empire suffered 3,311,000 to 3,754,369 dead, the USA 117,465. In WW II, the Soviet Union suffered 21,800,000 to 28,000,000 dead, the USA 418,500. The Russian communists, like their heir KBG Putin, murdered tens of millions of Russians. The USA lost 58,209 in the Vietnam War and 36,516 in the Korean War.

We would both be better off going to war against the jews, than each other; but the fact remains that the USA is in a much better strategic position than Russia. Pearl Harbor wasn't much compared to Stalingrad. Why don't we work on getting nationalists in power in the Ukraine, Russia and America, rather than getting rid of Russia and America?