Monday, February 17, 2014

The Contrived Putin Worship Among Libertarians, White Nationalists and Antizionists and Its Intended Effects in the 2016 Presidential Election

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are many reasons why the jews are manufacturing a ridiculous hero worship of jew puppet Putin. Currently, they want to discourage nationalism in the Ukraine and preventing Whites in America from doing what Whites in the Ukraine are doing.

But this circus promoting Putin began before these recent events. Putin himself has created a Russian media empire to promote his jewish empire. He has created a conflict of interests in Americans by paying them to bash America and Europe and promote KGB Putin and Red China. He has also made them famous by means of well financed jew media.

I suspect the chief aim of this farce is to effect the 2016 Presidential election in the US. The jews are planning to split up the vote with Putin gay bashing hero worship, the way they did with Ron Paul goldbug hero worship in 2008 and 2012, and discourage potential dissident pro-White candidates and parties by promoting the destruction of American morale and an antipolitical spirit in disenfranchised and disaffected American Whites. The jews are pitching their Putin worship with a heavy dose of attendant anti-Americanism and anti-European rhetoric now dressed in the communist robe of anti-Westernism. The jews are trying to trick Whites into believing they can save themselves by hating and genociding themselves. The jews call America Jewmerica and Europe the JewU, so as to tar Whites with the jew brush, and turn Whites against their own homelands by giving them over to the jews without a fight.

These are CIA/KGB tactics being used against America and Europe. The most important battleground is now the 2016 Presidential elections, which the jewish fronts of White Nationalism, Libertarianism and antizionism are deliberately ignoring in favor of promoting a foreign anti-American and anti-European messiah, the short ugly homoerotic hero of the jews, Putin. The buzz of gay hero worship and marketing by mass suggestion always has a kosher ring to it. The same circle of clowns that pushed Ron Paul on us is now ridiculously glorifying our sworn enemy as if our savior. They want us to hate America, because they are communist jews.

As the candidates announce their campaigns, it will become clearer exactly how the jews are planning to use cultish Putin worship to their advantage to sway the primaries and then the general election. At present, it appears that their chief objective at the moment is to prevent the rise of any American star, and to keep American dissidents focused away from the 2016 election and on our enemy as if our hero. Politics is about numbers and Putin is a pie splitter and a deliberate distraction.

We need a candidate for president and a multi-issue party to support him or her. I am a lone voice for these obvious truths, but I am not yet hoarse.