Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Genocides Project

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have received several inquiries and offers to help regarding my proposal for an Encyclopedia of Jewish Genocides. If I were to author this multivolume set, I would have to spend 3-6 months per volume of full time work to research and write each volume. In addition to this expense, there would be the costs of software, access to archives, travel, rights to reproduce copyrighted photographs, advertising, printing, etc. If someone wishes to fund this project, please provide me with your contact details so we can discuss the matter.

Another idea I have is to produce an online research institute/encyclopedia which will include a wiki type template such that there will be a general methodological guide for addressing jewish genocides. For example, I would like to create a forum to address a general outline that can be then specified to each nation, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, etc. under jewish attack. Anyone around the globe could contribute to the discussion on the forums. One topic would be an outline dating and identifying each atrocity. Another would be the religious motivations behind the attack(s). Yet another the political motivations. And so on. . .

Information obtained from these group discussions would be used to supplement and feed the encyclopedia page for that particular jewish genocidal history, including the Jewish Genocide of the Ukrainians, the Jewish Genocide of the Greeks, the Jewish Genocide of the Russians, the Jewish Genocide of the Irish, the Jewish Genocide of East Indians, the Jewish Genocide of American Indians, the Jewish Genocide of the Palestinians, the Jewish Genocide of the Iraqis, the Jewish Genocide of Afghanistanis, the Jewish Genocide of the Chinese, the Jewish Genocide of Whites, the Jewish Genocide of Blacks, the Jewish Genocide of Christians, the Jewish Genocide of Pagans, Old Testament Jewish Genocides, Apocalyptic and Messianic Jewish Genocidal Ambitions, Jewish Genocidal Psychology, Jewish Genocidal Politics, How Jews Generate and Manipulate Genocides, How the Jews Scapegoat Others for Their Genocides, etc. etc. etc.

I suspect that such a website could become extremely popular as well as extremely informative. I would have to write the final encyclopedia page for each topic, or accept finished pages submitted by others. I do not think a wikipedia style encyclopedia article format would be as successful. We could also archive and organize references and public domain texts, as well as catalogue jewish attempts at genocide denial and censorship.

I cannot at the moment afford to devote the time needed to do this full time. I ask for help in the form of advice or direct involvement on how to set up and administer such a complex, template oriented forum and encyclopedic website, and how to make it as secure as possible. I would also request help popularizing it across the web and at universities and colleges around the globe.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!

I have received numerous requests for radio interviews over the past couple of years, and I suspect that I could generate significant interest in the website project if I can obtain the help I need to get it going.

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